How can you get to Universal Hollywood without renting a car from Paradise Pier?


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Oct 29, 2000
I would really like one of those tour busses that also include admission to the parks, because I don't think I want to drive at all. Is there such a thing? Also, do they have the tickets that allow you to cut to the front of the line? Thanks!!!!


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Dec 15, 1998
<font color=navy>Do you already have a package with hoppers and a stay at the hotels? If you do, or even just staying at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels, you can go to the Walt Disney Travel Company Office, located in Downtown Disney, across from the Disneyland Hotel, and get tickets and transfers from there.

You can also go to the Airport Bus depot, located next to the Howard Johnson Hotel, and get transportation there, then buy your ticket once you get to Universal Studios.

I took this picture of the depot & of the transportation sign at the Airport Bus depot when I was there a couple of weeks ago.



Sonya in Boise

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Apr 4, 2002
Thanks for those pictures. I didn't realize it was only 5.00 for a ride to Knotts. With my small family I would rather pay someone else the 10.00 to drive us than drive it myself. Maybe we will go to Knotts in September.


Semper Gumby
Jun 11, 2000
We stayed at PPH and all I did was go to the Guest Services desk and told them I wanted to go to Universal. They made all the arrangements with a local tour company, VIP Tours. All I had to do was be on time to catch the van.


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