How can you become preapproved??


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Aug 23, 2001
I want to buy into BCV in Sept with Disney directly (have BWV thru resale) I want to get preapproved for financing so all goes smoothly and quickly. How do I go about that??


DIS Veteran
Aug 4, 2000
We debated doing this, but didn't... as best as I remember, it's just a matter of calling your guide and asking to be pre-approved. Disney will send you the standard form; fill it out, send it back, and watch the mail.

If this isn't the procedure these days, I'm sure someone will give you the current information.


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Sep 1, 1999
Dreamfinder hit it on the head. DH and I were pre-approved before we purchased. Our guide faxed us the application and we faxed it back. Within 48 hours our guide called us back and told us the amount of points we were qualified to buy. It was really simple!

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