Hopper Passes and MKC card


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Aug 19, 1999
I want to buy my tickets at my Local Disney store this week before the ticket price increase.

My best friend has a MKC card can i use her card( if she is with me or not) to buy my Cards for my family.

I can't decide between a 5 day hopper plus or a 6 day hopper plus. We will be there 9 days. But a 6 day hopper plus will give us NO breaks, if we visit water parks for our plus admissions(which myy kids love..so we will). Should, i save the extra dough and stick with the 5 day plus(total of 7 days) and have 2 down days? Traveling with 15 yr old, 8 yr old and 6 yr old.

Does anybody know the price difference with MKC card vs without?


It is now called the Disney Club and we save approximatley 5%. We are leaving in 7 days, we are only getting a 5 day pass leaving us 1 free day to relax. Traveling with a 6 year old you might want it! Have a good trip!
i would call and check your store first...

the stores here in buffalo do not carry the 5 day park hopper plus....only the 6 day park hopper....at a discount price of 267.14 with the last day to get it at this price being....January 14th....

check out www.floridatravelonline.com also for other options...


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