Hilton at Downtown Disney has started coming up on Priceline

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Aug 17, 1999
I was just visiting travelsheryl's site and saw that this hotel has started coming up for about $75 a night. I think this hotel qualifies for e-night and early entry -- does anyone know for sure?

I just got a suite hotel for $32 for a college visit Friday, and I'm feeling really good about priceline!
I was one of the ones who got the Hilton at 75 on priceline. There were also several hits overnight at the Wyndham in the 40ish range for dates during May if anyone is interested. I also have a couple of questions regarding the Hilton if anyone has any details. There is conflicting information between the official website, their phone operators, and other websites regarding several issues.

1. Do they allow early entry? (almost positive that this is a yes)
2. Must you take their bus or can you walk over to downtown disney and get in from there?
3. Is parking included at the parks as it is for WDW guests?
4. How is the shuttle service timing and crowd wise?
5. What character meal is held there?
6. How are the restaurants for both food and price?
7. Any other perks or benefits that I have missed?
8. Do they provide package delivery from the parks ( I didn't think that they would but when I called they said that they did)
9. Any charging priveledges at the parks (I'm almost positive that this is a no)

Thanks for all you help
Hi higgin704, and welcome to the Dis. I'm sorry I don't have the answers to you questions. I do have a question for you. Is this Hilton considered a 4 star?

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We stayed at the Hilton in 1996 for a conference.

At that time they did not do EE and E-night, but now I've read that they do.

We used their shuttle busses which were free at the time. They came every 1/2 hour, but did stop at several other Downtown Disney hotels before heading to the park. Similar to Disney busses, you wait for the bus going to your destination (MK, Epcot, etc.).

In 1996, there was no character meal in the hotel. There were a few restaurant choices. A casual/pub style, a Japanese place - Benihana's I think, and a more formal but still casual restaurant where you could get a nice breakfast/lunch/dinner. There was also a cart in the lobby that sold continental breakfast items (bagels, danish, etc.)

I don't think package delivery or charging to your room were allowed at the time.

It was a quick walk over to Downtown Disney. I don't think the busses hit DD too frequently in the morning hours, so if you are trying to get to a park first thing in the morning, I don't know if your idea of walking over to use the busses there would work. Certainly in the afternoon/evening this would work. You would just get in the line for the TTC or particular park (if they have a line for that).

It has been almost 5 year since I stayed there so I'm sure some things have changed.

We had a nice room with a great view (could see ToT, Spaceship Earth and Downtown Disney).


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I can't answer all of your questions, but hope the following answers are helpful

1. Hilton has early entry and enight
2. When we stayed in 1999, we did not pay for parking at WDW theme parks.
3. Packages were delivered from WDW theme parks to the hotel. They were delivered to guest services, however, not your room.
4. There are no charging privileges.

As for other perks, if you have children, the Hilton's kid's program is quite good.

Has anybody stayed there more recently that can shed light on the above questions?

Thank You


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