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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by hart6066, Oct 20, 2010.

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    Hi--I think we're going to book our first cruise on a 3 day Dream cruise for spring 2012. We'll be with our two children, 10 and 7 when we cruise.

    I think we're going to go with the Deluxe Oceanview Room with Porthole--the slightly larger room that "guarantees" a porthole rather than 2 windows.

    Those all see to be in front or back of ship--is it rockier than in the middle?
    Should we try to get a non connecting room for noise control?
    Are the kids clubs a problem?
    Many of those rooms are by the stairs/elevators--will they be extra noisy?

    And do we know where the drink station and the equivalent to Goofy's Snack bar type thing would be? Are they going to be on the same level as the pools?

    Sorry for so many questions!! This would be our first cruise and I'm trying to get things right!! I know that cruises can be noisy, but I'm trying to avoid getting a "bad" room--we would think about bumping up to Verandah if the thought was that middle of the ship is significantly better (for motion sicknesses and to be away from elevators). We could also bump up the Oceanview rooms by going to decks 7 or 8 if that would make it better. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    I haven't seen any confirmation on this, but your instinct sounds reasonable.
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    Deck 5 is great. I've sailed on it 3 times. We love having a short trip to the kid's clubs. Never any issue w/ them. We saw it as a bonus. The Deluxe Oceanview was perfect for us w/ kids. Now that they'll be teens, we're looking into 2 rooms. We need the closet space & I need my space from teenagers. :thumbsup2

    Deck 5 is nice b/c your so close to the theater & the movie theater. We never heard anything. Your just one stairway away from the Vista Cafe, Shutters,& the walking/jogging track. Personally I love to curl up w/ a good book in the evening there when my family is snoring & I'm still awake. The further forward I am, the more sea sickness I feel. I've tried to not do meds until I feel it, but I'm going to use them early & the whole time from now on.

    I don't know about the drink station. It would be nice on the new ships if they had 2--one near the pools & one on a middle deck.

    Enjoy your cruise!

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