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Earning My Ears
Jan 30, 2001
I called Vistana Resort to confirm my room & was told I will be in the courts section. I reserved through hotel kingdom so they gave me courts & twin beds not double beds. Special rate through hotel kingdom limits your choices. Will the courts section be to old and run down? I really don't want this to ruin our trip. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME COURTS ISN'T THAT BAD!!
Based on our experience, the Courts section may not be brand new, but it will not be old and run down; and you will enjoy the space. We have enjoyed all our stays at Vistana--and its really handy for getting around. Have fun.:bounce:
I was about to book "Oak Plantation Vistana Villages" thru Hotel Kingdom, for a 1 br villa. Is this the same ressie you made, melisjeff? I certainly don't want to get two twin beds rather than doubles! I wonder if one could push the two twin beds together to make a king bed, or are they affixed to a base on the floor?
LeeBee : I reserved the Vistana Resort LBV 2BDRM VILLA . I'm very pleased with the price & I assume they refurbish thier rooms to keep them up to date. (YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT WITH A DISCOUNT).
It is my understanding the Vistana Oak Planation is down in Kissimmee. The older Vistana is in LBV near dt disney and the new Vistana Villages is on Int. Dr.

The Vistana Resort keeps a very active refurbishment schedule - they are constantly updating & replacing furnishings, appliances, wallpapers, etc. I don't think you will have a problem. Since it is an older section, the one thing that sets it apart is that the master bedroom/bath does not have a jacuzzi. It depends on whether this is important to you. The Courts however have a great location - near the Super Pool and Falls Pool (with a slide) and the General Store. The buildings in this section are only 2 stories, whereas the newer sections go up to 5 stories.

If all else fails & you enter your room & hate it, go back to the Front Desk and ask to be changed. The resort is HUGE - I'm sure they can find another room for you in a different section - be persistent - it doesn't matter what price you have paid. You are their customer. :)

Melisjef -

What day of the week are you checking in to Vistana? We're arriving Sat 2/23 and I sent them a request via the Diamond Lane Checkin to be put in the Cascades section. We also booked through HotelKingdom. When I was making the reservation I asked the girl at Hotelkingdom if booking through them meant we were put in a particular section and she said no it was random. I haven't heard back from the hotel yet on my request so I think I'll call them and see what happens.:bounce:
My family just stayed at Vistana Resort in December. We also booked through and I called the hotel directly to request the top floor of the Cascades section. They said no problem if it was available. I have used hotelkingdom 3 separate times and I never had a problem getting the sections that I requested. Call the hotel directly and request what you want and then when you check in request it again. If they put you in a room that you do not like simply call the front desk and they will usually change you. When we went in Dec. we requested the top floor and they put us on the 3rd floor, I called the front desk and they swithched me to the top floor, which in the Cascades section has a skylight in the livingroom in the 2 bedroom also you dont have anyone above you. Good luck.
I just got off the phone with Vistana. The lady I spoke to, while being civil, didn't really seem to be listening to me and sounded like she was in a real hurry. I put in my request for the top floor of the Cascades and all she said was "I'll put the request in for you." I asked for a 2pm check in and she said it would be ready between 2 and 2.30. I had a few other questions I wanted to ask but she was really blowing me off and I didn't get the chance. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.
They will usually try and check you in if they have a room available. We usually go to the hotel first and try and check in or at least put in our request again. Sometimes they will have a room available in the section you want if you are willing to wait until 4ish. We make lunch reservations for The Rain Forest cafe in the Disney Marketplace and then you feel like you are starting your vacation. Good Luck.
Hi- Just returned from 6 nights at Vistana Resort.....We requested Fountains but ended up in Lakes. The room was great and accomodated 7 of us- beautifully. The location was wonderful - close to pools, gym and restaurant/bar. I also used and had no problem switching my room. We wanted a top floor but the Fountain section did not have one available- so we ended up on the 3rd floor in Lakes.. Any Questions? Ask away! It was because of this board that I made the decision to stay at this resort. I think you will be quite pleased! :cool:
Fogvacation, Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay at the Vistana Resort. I just book a room on hotelkingdom for 11 days in March and we are very excited about are stay at the VR. what make you pick the Fountains and the Lakes? Aren't they on the other side of the road from the rest of the resort. Was this a problem? Are they newer sections? We were thinking of requesting cascades. Can you tell me a little about the unit you stayed in and if you have any info about the cascades. We reserved a 2 bedroom. Sorry so many questions. Thanks. Lynnie2002
I also booked our reservation thru hotelkingdom and called last week to request a certain section after reading these boards and was told that when we check in it we are given our section, etc. So I faxed my request of where we preferred to stay. This is the first time we are staying here and my MIL is also going so I want to make sure all goes well since it was my idea to stay here.

I had read from postings that the Fountains and Lake area's were not "brand new" but more spacious than the "newest" units (With 3 adults/4 children -this was a must) I was very happy where we stayed. The location was excellent. Our building was walkable to anything we needed. I'm not so sure about the shuttle service, we had a van. Also, not sure what you are looking for from the resort but this area was very nice. There was a decent amount of activity going on all the time...such as Volleyball games (in and out of pool) Live music from the Bar; people using the pool. I would try and request a top floor because I did find the walking above us to be annoying at times. I'm sure the folks under us would say the same! LOL! I didn't travel around the resort too much...but I can definetly tell you that I will go back again! We stayed at OKW last year and it couldn't compare-especially at 1/3 the price!! The drive to the MK door is 5 mins....very convenient! I thought I would miss being "inside the magic" but it was absolutely fine! Good Luck to you and let me know if you have any more questions.


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