help to find a quite place in park


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Feb 5, 2005
ok we are going for one day. we have ps at crt for 820 am and ps for dinner at 4pm ltt, that is a long day for dh and dd2 and dd4. we are staying off site and only one day. we will need a place to sit and relax during prime heat please tips needed! :faint: :crazy2: :grouphug:


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Apr 28, 2004
depending on what time of the day, but the tom sawyer island area has lots of shaded areas :umbrella: to sit and relax. there is a snack stand in there too, but not sure if it is open yet, it was closed for renovations earlier...

good luck!

jen :earsgirl:


Jun 27, 2004
There is also a walking path from Toon Town to Tomorrowland close to the train tracks, that has benches, some shade and little to no commotion. It is a nice break - yes the train goes by often, but it isn't a big deal.


Jun 12, 2003
The TTA is a prime rest area for me and my family. The ride operators will usually let you take as many turns around Tomorrowland as you'd like!


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Jun 23, 2003
If the upstairs at the Columbia Harbour House is open, it is air-conditioned and typically a little more quiet than most other eating establishments. We try and go to the Hall of Presidents for an afternoon nap if we don't want to leave the park. It isn't full very often and it's about 20 minutes of a/c that can't be beat. Same with Carousel Of Progress if it's open. 20 minutes of sitting in a/c.

Try and avoid the Fantasyland attractions as most lines, although in the shade, are outside. If your little ones must see some characters. go to Toon Town to the Character Meet and Greets. You may have to wait, but again a/c.


Jan 12, 2005
my favorite quiet place is also TTA -- its quiet and cool
CM will usually let you stay on
... but i used to have my kids "pretend" to be asleep so "we could stay on again"

several times, we actually got a nap out of them coz they were "pretending"

you have a long day planned ... and for very little ones too

you might want to have a plan b ... maybe dinner at sit-down isnt the best idea if they're/you're too tired.


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Nov 2, 2003
If you're willing to get out of the park for a little bit, then take the monorail and go to the Poly or GF. You can go down to the beach and lay on the hammocks or hang around in the lobby and just chill out. Or, my favorite is to take the boat to Wilderness Lodge and hang out in the lobby, or sit in front of the fireplace, or WL also has a little beach area to relax on.

Another place is to in the Hall of Presidents. I always fall asleep in there. :teeth:


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Jun 5, 2004
Our favorites are TTA, Tom Sawyer's Island and Hall of Presidents. They are great for just sitting and relaxing.


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Dec 31, 2001
Our children usually spend 45 minutes just resting & rehydrating in the Kodak theater on Main Street.

Beware of napping near the train - the steam whistle & bell are VERY loud.


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Sep 22, 2004
While it's not quiet, it is kid friendly - I would go to the area left of Space Mountain. It's air conditioned and made just for little ones. It might be a good place to sit, relax and cool off. I'd also go with The People Mover! :flower: Lastly, you could just take a ride on the monorail or even the boat to WL and back. HTH!

Oh and I just remembered - we used to sit at the tables outside of Pooh, in front of where 2000 Leagues used to be. It was a great place for the kids to nap. :earsgirl:


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Jul 2, 2004
I think there are still benches at the back of the big store in Mickey's Toon Town. I don't remember the name of the store, but it is where you can meet the princesses, pooh bear or Mickey's friends. You do have to go through the store, but it is air conditioned. Also, a boat ride away from Ft. Wilderness. It has a petting zoo and there is a covered porch at Trails End with rocking chairs. I would avoid anywhere around that train! As a previous poster pointed out, that thing is loud!!!!!!


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Mar 27, 2005
I second (or fourth or fifth or whatever :D) the TTA, but the downside is that it's not really "air conditioned", so not the best choice on a hot day. The movement and shade do keep the ride cooler than out in the blazing sun but if you REALLY want to cool off, look elsewhere.

I too really like the upstairs room in the Columbia Harbour House. Not many people go upstairs - even during peak meal times when the downstairs is packed I'm usually one of the few people upstairs. And, of course, it's air conditioned and cool drinks are nearby. :goodvibes

If you're in Epcot, the obvious choice for cooling off is Ice Station Cool near Innoventions (West or east? the one on your right as you're entering the park. I think that's east, but not sure) - they give out free Coke products from around the world. Pretty refreshing! I like to bring my souvenir mug from the hotel and fill it up with a mixture of the China watermelon juice and something else, maybe from Vietnam or Thailand. The Asian ones are fruity. (DON'T try the Beverly from Italy, it's extremely bitter and has become quite notorious on these forums...)

Any of the theaters in MGM or Epcot are good choices.


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Nov 16, 2003
Ice Station Cool is closed for rehab for 6 months :guilty:

My favorite place to take my kids to rest in MK is the Hall of Presidents. Last time we went to WDW my 7 year old had a nice nap in there. :)

The Monorail might be a fun break too- we always take it around at least once. If you ask nicely and no one else already has asked you can ride up front (no strollers though, if you have one). Speaking of that rent a double for the day, my 7 year old is small and she still likes to ride around in one on long days.


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