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  1. babygirlamg

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    Jun 14, 2011
    My husband , myself and daughter 9 years old will be traveling to Disney...Arrival day feb.29th around 2 and leave at 1pm on march that gives us half a day on are arrival and 8 full days to enjoy.....

    We want to do MK , AK , Epcot and HS....and a water park....
    we also want to do a beach day or sea world ....
    we also want to do some water activities at the marina at contemporary...
    also want one day from 2pm to 10pm for daddy and mommy time....using kids nite out

    Are dinning places will be
    Pizza planet ( Lunch )
    Narcoosse ( Dinner )
    Le Cellier ( Lunch )
    T-Rex ( late dinner )
    Crystal Palace ( Lunch )
    1900 Park Fare Dinner
    Ohana's Breakfeast
    Beached & Cream ( Ice Cream )\

    Im kind of lost on how to make all that work....i havent made my reservations yet for ADR's cause i cant till 9/ any one want to plan this out for me would be greatly appreciated
  2. Quin

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    May 28, 2010
    A good free website is They have the park hours, EMH hours, parade/fireworks days and shows, crowd calendars, and a month-by-month, day-by-day recommendation for which park(s) to visit. Modify this based on what you know works best for your family (up at the crack of dawn or never gonna make RD anywhere so have to maximize the late night EMHs instead?).

    Are you getting Park Hoppers? If not, you are allowed to leave a park and return to it later that same day but cannot enter another park, even just for dinner. So you'll need to schedule accordingly.

    Are you on a Dining Plan? Which one? If you are, we need to be sure you are using your credits wisely without going over, unless you are agreeable to paying extra OOP costs.

    Pizza Planet is a CS location in HS. No ADRs for CS, but obviously this has to be on your HS day.

    Le Cellier and CP are also both in parks, so those have to be locked in to the park days.

    The Ohana breakfast ought to be on an MK or Epcot day (unless you are staying at the Poly) because otherwise you're using up too much travel time to get there and then get to another park or off property.

    While Narcoossees and 1900PF are both in the GF, I think it's relatively easy to get to them from any other location.
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    Dec 30, 2008
    If it were me I would first look up the park hours for the week you are going to be there.

    You can find them on the Disney World website.

    That should give you a good idea as to what park you want to visit on what day.

    Use that schedule to figure out your dining reservations, if possible.

    With places like Le Cellier, where the reservations can be hard to get, you might have to have a little flexibility and just go to Epcot whatever day you can get your reservation. If you are dead set on dining there. Or else be prepared to do a bit of park hopping.

    I would also perhaps try to plan to go to 'Ohana for breakfast the morning of your departure day. That way you are not only not using valuable park time eating breakfast at a resort, but you can also still have a bit of the Disney magic right before you go home. I eat breakfast at Kona (which is also at the Poly) the morning of my departure. It is so nice to have a fun breakfast then step outside onto the beach for a minute to get one last peek of Magic Kingdom from a distance before heading back to reality.

    The non-park dinners would be a good idea for the days you go to the beach/Sea World etc. Whatever days you are not going to the parks. Perhaps a late dinner at T-Rex after you visit Sea World, or 1900 Park Fare in the evening after you go to the beach, etc.

    Narcoosse might be a good place to go on your adults only night. Going there for dinner and then watching the fireworks from the beach at the Grand Floridian could make for an awesome date night!

    Here are some websites I like to use when planning my trips:

    Hope that helps!
  4. nicki.momof3

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    Jul 21, 2008
    You may want to be a little flexible on the beach / water part of it. depending on the temp.

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