Help Needed: 1st timer to London


Jan 7, 2006
My family and my best friend's family are planning a European vacation for next summer. We would like to fly in to London from the U.S., then travel by train to other countries. We're specifically looking for hotels. We both have families of 4, so 8 total. Our kids are all over the age of 18. There are so many hotel options, it's overwhelming. We just need a place that is clean and somewhat close to the attractions. We tend to look at reviews as well. We will only be in London for 3 days. Any tips/advice would be helpful. TIA


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Apr 17, 2011
We were in London the beginning of the summer but were 3 adults and went for 4 days then spent 6 days I believe in Paris and DLP then back to London for another 4. What are the attractions you really want to see? I don’t know what your price range is but the first part we were at the London Marriott County Hall. It is right by the London Eye and a few boat docks. Also there was a HOHO bus stop right outside. And it is right across the Westminster Bridge from Parliament and Big Ben with the scaffolding where there is another boat dock and the tube. It is an easy walk to Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey. Depending on how much you can walk you could probably get to Buckingham Palace as well.


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Aug 4, 2019
London is so easy to navigate I would concentrate on finding a hotel you like rather than location.

Highly recommend going to Camden (northern line tube) for shopping/food stalls
Buckingham palace is great for first timers
Oxford street/Carnaby Street is your best bet for shopping
If you wanted, there are bus tours to the harry potter studios which was surprisingly good


Jan 21, 2011
We use Premier Inns a lot, there are several in London in various convenient places. The rooms are reasonably sized, clean and safe. Taking in to account that nothing is cheap in London, they are also reasonably priced.
Can recommend a walk along the Thames, visit the Tower of London, London Eye (if weather is clear), St James’s Park and down to Buckingham Palace. Covent Garden is interesting as well. Don’t know if it will be possible for you, but London looks lovely at night if you can find a way to be driven round in the dark. Many of the old elaborate buildings, the bridges etc are lit up ( and it looks much cleaner).


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