Help! My car blew up... UPDATE picked up my car..update


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Sep 26, 2005
Our Mazda was also junk-literally gave it away 7 years in just to get rid of it. We had everything from windows not rolling down to headlight issues to the car accelerating without the gas pedal being pressed. We went Toyota and have not looked back. As for values-my 2018 Rav was $23,900 brand new, it's valued at just pennies under 20K now. We bought our son a 2010 Tacoma in 2016 for 10K, it's valued at $7800 now. Bought our daughter a 2013 matrix for 7K in 2017, it's still worth $5800 today. As for what to do with the current car and dealership, take the warranty, drive it til just before the warranty expires, and trade it in for whatever you can get elsewhere. The last thing I would do is trade it in for another Mazda.


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Oct 28, 2006
Well, my car was finally ready to be picked up. Mazda gave me a 100,000 mile 7 year "Platinum warranty". Before I even got home, the oil light had turned back on. I am so frustrated.
Omg! Does your state have a lemon law? Here I think it’s 3 times with the same issue but it might be worth checking into.

edit- just read page two and saw youre out of the lemon time frame. Ugh! I’m so mad for you!


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Dec 22, 2005
You need to be dealing with corporate Mazda. Quit dealing with the local dealership. Open a case file. Find an attorney. Get rid of that Mazda.


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May 21, 2009
I'd be driving it right back.

I'm telling you, I live in SC and you need to go through substitution of collateral through the BBB. I was in the exact same situation and never knew about this program and wish someone had told me early on it existed.
You can also call the SC Bar Association and get a free one hour meeting with an attorney that specialized in that area. They set us up with an Attorney in downtown Columbia and it was super easy.