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May 8, 2010
Hi all,

First time cruiser next year - going on a 4 night cruise next July on the Disney Dream. Help me understand the tipping situation. So a certain amount for tips is added to your onboard charges correct? Then I am hearing you can add more for good service.

1.) So usually when you eat at a restaurant you leave a tip for the waiter or money in room for housekeeping, or directly to the bell services. - I assume this is not how it is done on a cruise?
2.) If not, then when do you give the tips to the waiters, your room attendant, etc..??
3.) if you want to add more how is that done - handing them cash?...or is it better to add to onboard account?
4.) If using onboard account what do you actually hand the waiters, attendants, etc.?

Thanks for the help to this novice.



Jan 1, 2010
1) There are more experienced here than me but the basic is they do a suggested amount. You can actually decrease that if you like or increase it. Your servers will receive the tip money in their pay I would assume.
2) You do not have to give it directly
3) Most add it their on board account. I believe some people pay individuals directly for particular service.
4) I believe you do get an envelope you can hand to people but it only has a card, no actual money.

Note this does not cover tips for at the bars, the spa, excursions and many other things.

There is an only Tip Calulator to help you estimate the suggested amount.

Marc D

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Aug 27, 2016
1 and 2) Since your waiters and stateroom attendant are the same throughout the week, most hand out the tips - suggested amount or extra - on the last or next-to-last day of the cruise. I’ve never seen anyone tip someone during the cruise, except room service attendants, since they change every time.

3 and 4) Whether you prepay or not, you’ll be delivered coupons and envelopes in your stateroom to give to them at the end of the cruise. You can change the amounts at guests services - extra will go to your onboard account - or add cash to the envelopes. If you forget to give them the coupons, they receive the money anyway. It’s just a nice gesture, allowing you to thank them and tell them how you appreciated the service.

Anything you order from a bar, the coffee shop and the spa will come with an automatic gratuity. You can add more on the check if you want.
  • Geomom

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    May 17, 2010
    Tips are automatically added to your onboard account.
    The tips are $13.50/cruiser/day.
    The breakdown for that $13.50 is $4.50 Stateroom host; $4.50 server; $3.50 assistant server; $1 head server.

    On your last full day? you'll receive the statement slips for each person with the amount that each will receive as well as envelopes for each person. You can add cash to each envelope if you wish to give them more (or go to guest services to have more added/or some removed.) You can hand each person their envelopes on your last evening if you wish. If you gave the standard amount, it will be automatically added to their pay, so don't worry if you aren't able to get them their envelopes. It is good to check that the servers names are correct and that they have the right stateroom...we've received the statement for someone else's room before.

    If you do the free room service, plan to have some cash to tip the delivery person.


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    Aug 26, 2010
    Tip envelopes will be delivered to your room on or before the last full day of the cruise, labeled for stateroom attendant, server, assistant server, and head server.

    If you have left a tip amount on your account, you will also receive coupons with the names of your specific attendant and servers and the amount on your account that will be sent to them. (This gives you a chance to verify that the names are correct -- be aware that some people will have introduced themselves to you with a nickname, though.)

    If you want to change the amount paid via your onboard accout, you can stop by Guest Services at any time, make the adjustment, and have new coupons printed out.

    You put the coupons in the appropriate envelopes, along with any additional cash you want to provide.

    Most people present the envelopes to the service time at their last dining room service, either at dinner the last night or breakfast the next morning. We look around for our stateroom attendants on the last day to deliver their envelopes -- in the unlikely event we can't find them, we leave the envelope in our room. As Marc D mentioned, the gratuities will be delivered electronically even if you don't deliver the envelopes, but thanking people for taking care of your is always appreciated.


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    Oct 21, 2008
    Tips for spa and the bar are automatically added to the bill. Room service have some $1 Bill's handy. Tip $1 for every item ordered.


    Joe - Now back in Seoul
    Apr 19, 2014
    Or for fun, bring some $2 bills to use as tips. One dollar isn't much of a tip anymore, and the reaction to the $2 bills can be entertaining. If nothing else, it makes you memorable.
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  • NotTooGoofy

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    Jan 1, 2000
    If you received exceptional service from your servers and/or room host or hostess, please also recognize them by name on the end-of-cruise comment card/survey. We were told this helps them with job promotions and performance awards such as an extra day off.


    Duffy's Biggest Fan
    Mar 3, 2012
    Or for fun, bring some $2 bills to use as tips. One dolar isn't much of a tip anymore, and the reaction to the $2 bills can be entertaining. If nothing else, it makes you memorable.
    I actually second this. I work in a different line of hospitality, but I have a couple of $2 bills the sweetest older gentleman ever gave me, and you better believe I'm keeping them forever.


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