Help- May or November?


Jan 27, 2000
Last year we did our first DW trip in May. It was great. We were planning on going back for the same week and the whole she-bang but something has come up at work and we might have to cancel. I know I do not want to go during the peak and heat of summer. We were thinking November between Thanksgiving and Xmas. I have heard this is a good time, but since the parks close so early I have a hard time buying into that.

It will be cheaper, right?

Would there be fireworks everynight some where?
Do they do E-ticket for MK in November?
Does anyone have previous November experience?

We like to go Early Entry until they kick us out of the park. Will we be diappointed?

We've gone the first or second week of December the past 3 years. It's a great time to go if you're into Christmas decorations and shows. It's value season and crowds usually aren't bad. Weather can be iffy. The first year we went it was around 80 and perfect the whole time. The second year was good - around mid 70's. This past December it was low 60's during the day and into the 40's at night (the average is supposed to be low/mid 70's). The days weren't bad, but evenings were cold, especially the night we went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, standing for a parade at 11:00 was brutal. But I would do it at least once - it's a wonderful time to be there. We're planning it again this year and hopefully the weather will be better!
we've done both. May has the potential to be very very warm, while November for us has always been perfect. The parks do close earlier, but the crowds are so much smaller that you will see much much more in November in a shorter time than in May. And yes, the accomodation rates are lower.
Bump! Please give an opinion if you have one! You people are so dang nice ...


We do the same as Ernie, we go both times each year. I find May my favorite time, because I love the sun and it just feels so great after the long winter to be able to sit in the sun. I find the hours to be similar, but find it warmer in May in the evenings for e-ticket. Lots of activities happening both times. Flower event at EPCOT in May, and Food and Wine at EPCOT in November. If you like the slightly cooler temperatures you would like November. I feel the crowds are just slightly heavier in May than November. We will be there 15 days in May (Apr. 28-May 12) and 11 days in Nov. (Oct.24-Nov.3). Either time is great--but if I had to drop back to once a year, May would get my vote.


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I've done both and my personal preference is November. The parks might close early but you will still accomplish just as much.
November will not disappoint you. We went in early December and it was awesome! The fact that the park closes early during the week was a 'down factor' for me (like you), but it was well made up for by perfect (kind of cool at night) weather, less crowds, shorter lines, and all the Christmas decorations! :) :) :)

They still have all of those things you mentioned..some might be limited to weekends, so make sure your stay covers a weekend and you'll be fine. :)

Good Luck deciding. :)

If you time it right, you'll find a bunch of other DIS'ers there this year the end of November thru the beginning of December for the convention. :D

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I was there in November of 1990 and found it to be a little cool for my taste. Since I'm from up north, I'd prefer it to be more on the balmy side. However, I am going this May for the first time. I hope it's not too hot or crowded because I'm going with the kids.

November, right after Thanksgiving, was really a nice time because it was decorated for Christmas and the lines were really short.

I guess it just depends on if you want to wait until next May!!! I would probably opt for the November trip - because its closer and I HATE WAITING!!!



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