HELP..can't decide on resort for Oct


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May 23, 2005
:hourglass I'm obsessed with planning our October vacation to WDW and can't decide on the resort. My DH and I are spoiled and prefer nice hotels but we're doing late planning so we may have to stay at a moderate. We are traveling with DS4 and DD10. Any suggestions. These are the important factors for us:
1. Clean rooms (particularly bathroom area)
2. not too much walking for food and bus
3. we won't be swimming so pool type is not important
4. Not too expensive

I was reading another thread about WL being less expensive for Deluxe but we're not outdoors type people. It seems too "country & western" for our taste. As you can see we are very picky travelers. Any suggestions?!!

Are there any good sites to go on to find good deals when booking package. This is my first trip so I'm completely lost and clueless.


Jan 17, 2004
These would be my three choices for budget(ish).

I like WL, but understand that it is not to everyones taste. I wouldn't call it country-western. I would describe it more as Yosemite lodge. Here is a link to the AllEars Fact Sheet.

WL Fact Sheet

Also considered a Deluxe, but less expensive than GF or Poly would be AKL. It is a favorite of many.

AKL Fact Sheet

And in the moderate category I would suggest POFQ. It's not as spread out as a lot of the mods. The theming is beautiful. It's chief drawback is that it does not have its own sit-down restaurant.

POFQ Fact Sheet

All these pages will have links to photo tours of these and the other Disney resorts. (look in the left column)


Happy Planning!!!! :flower:


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