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Mar 27, 2000
Our Family will be visiting Disney world on April 16. My DH, DD age 5 and my 8 month old DD. Any advise or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have never traveled with an infant before and am a little nervous.:confused:
Our DD was 3 months old when she went for the first time and all went well. My advice is to take LOTS of diapers. Not only are they expensive at WDW but we felt like we went through more on vacation than at home. I have no logical explanation for this, I just know it happened so when in doubt take more than you think you'll need. Also, MK (and I'm guessing the other parks as well) has a baby changing station where you can buy diapers, medicines etc. if you run out. There's also a nurse on staff (I can't remember if she's at this station or a different area). Make sure baby stays hydrated in the Florida heat and don't forget the suntan lotion - especially on the feet, face and ears!! You could also bring a clip-on stroller fan and don't forget a hat. At 8 months she'll be able to go on some of the gentler rides and I'm sure she'll love the parades and the characters. Have a great time!
I am not sure if this will help, but... We went in Oct 2000 when our DD was just 2. She wasn't an infant, BUT I can tell you that she was still in pull-ups. I don't think we went through a ton, but changing isn;t needed as much while training... BUT.... she did get VERY constipated from drinking the water.... after 5 days, a slight fever and a major stomach ache she finally went to the bathroom.... so, my advice is to bring lots of bottled water and increase the juice a little to avoid this happening ! We are going again on Feb 8th and are planning on hitting a grocery store before we check in our resort !!

Good Luck and Have Fun !

Disney tap water comes from wells & a cast memeber told us it has alot of chlorine in it. Any change in water can effect anyone. So I agree get bottled water for the kids as much as possible. Now the fountain sodas are also using Disney water so keep that in mind. I think most thing in moderation are ok....but with a baby I would avoid the water all togather. Are you driving? If flying I suggest getting a Tiffeny Town Car $80.oo round trip & it includes a 1/2 grocery stop. Its cheaper than a taxie & Tiffeny has a $5.00 coupon on thier web site. The driver meets you at baggage claim with a sign with your name on it & helps you get the luggage & takes it to the car. Its so nice! How is your stroller? Does it have a nice basket & cup holders? Is it easy to open & close, you will need to close it on the buses. ToysRus has a nice stroller for around $30.00 but it does not recline. THe boats will allow you to wheel the stroller on & park it in the back with the baby in it. I think you do have to close it on the Monerail....depending on the Cast member & the crowds.
My wife and I took our 8 month old in October. All went well. We drove down also and he did better than I expected. I thought that he might get upset at being in the carseat for so long, we drove straight through. It is a twelve hour drive from Huntsville, Al. We took plenty of rest stops.

When we got to WDW he did great. He would get a little fussy, but that is only because he does not like to take naps much anyway and with all the activity in the parks he was wanting to see what was going on. This is our first child and we got a kick out of seeing his reactions to everything. I think it is only going to get better as he gets older. We took him on Small World, and were going to take him on Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, and Pooh, but the lines were to long. We thought he might not be able to take the wait. If you catch the lines short, I would suggest going on some of the rides and see if she how she likes them. You should not have any trouble and I hope you have a great trip.
My two top tips would be to take it nice and easy and get a baby sling (front carrier).
I took my daughter when she was 8.5 months and she had the most wonderful time. You
can read my trip report to get a better indication of what she liked. If you have any specific
question please let me know.

Libby (who just finished packing :-) )
When we went with our 7 mo, I shipped down ready to feed formula and baby food to the hotel. It was there waiting for us when we arrived and it was a great convenience to know that we had all that we needed. We just sent it via UPS to the hotel. Housekeeping was able to store it (they said for 1 month prior to arrival date). We labeled it with our name and arrival date. I don't know if it matters or not, but we stayed onsite at Disney. It worked great for us.
We took our DD when she was 10 months. It was hot (June), and we went back to our room everyday for nap and pool (she absolutely loved the pool as much as we did!). I was still nursing her some, and found it not a problem (lots of dark places in shows and restaurants).
Do take several blankets even in warm weather, as some attractions are very cool. We had a wonderful experience. Many people thought that we were crazy taking a baby to WDW, but we had a wonderful trip (Our daughter is now 5 and will make her fourth trip to "Mickey Land" this summer! Have a great trip and don't sweat the small stuff!:wave:
You may want to carry a small, soft-sided cooler in with your stroller.

Also, take advantage of baby-swap at the rides on which the baby can't ride and the 5-yr old is big enough to ride. Your 5-yr old will get to ride with one parent, then you swap the baby and the 5-yr old will likely get to ride with the other parent. You let the CM know ahead of time that you will baby swap; the CM will have one parent waiting with the baby and the swap will take place immediately after the 1st parent rides, so the 2nd parent will get to ride immediately after the 1st.
We took DD at 3 months

Take you own stroller
We now take a britta filter pitcher
soft cooler for the stroller
push the fluids

how about
..take your time
..take breaks
..take time to enjoy the babys reactions to WDW
..take a lot of pictures
I know that sounds odd, but they are so useful for purposes other than the original intention. The weave is thin enough to breath through and they dry quickly, but they are super absorbent.

I used them to cover DS if the sun was on him, as a side drape to extend the coverage of the stroller hood, as a light blanket, as a burp cloth, as a nursing privacy shield, for cleaning up spills, and for stains and sticky little fingers. I used them to dry DS after a toddle in one of the fountains, to dry off wet benches after a rain, and to cool all of us off when it got hot. They are large enough to wet and tie around your neck if you get overheated, or even to wrap a twisted ankle. They make a good cold compress for a headache as well. Also, if you put a folded one under the top of the mini-cooler it will insulate the area around the zipper and preserve the ice longer.

I'm sure that there are other uses for them, too, that I haven't thought of. They are VERY handy.
I didn't know you can still buy cloth diapers! I'll definitely look for them those tips are great:bounce: Thanks to all
Our DS is 10 months old and next month he will be taking his 3rd trip to WDW! :) Both of the trips so far have gone great. He was only 7 weeks old the first trip, so he didn't get a lot out of it but we enjoyed showing him off, and the characters were happy to take pictures with him. The next time he was 9 months old and he LOVED the characters! He also enjoyed the rides (IASM, PP, etc.). You'll have a great time!!


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