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  1. soaringirl

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Hi everybody! :wave2:
    Let me tell you something about me and Disney :cloud9:
    I was 7 when my mom took me and my brother to WDW, can't remember much but I knew it was great. At 11 and 12, we went to Disneyland, my father now with us. That's were all really begin, I remember so clearly the feeling to ride Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and It's a Small World. I love them so much!
    So, I got married at 27, and DH had never go to Disney, and he dreamed of going all his childhood. We decided (well, I :hug:) to go, after so many years! DH was very excited, and so was I! We stayed offsite, nice place, and had a blast!
    Love the trip so much, we decided to repeat on '99, I was pregnant of my first child :cloud9: and my BIL joined us. It was his first time. Again, we stayed offsite. It was a great trip but I was not feeling so well with my pregnancy, I had to go to a ER and had to stay on bed a hole day! :sad1: But I survived, we rented a wheelchair for the duration of the trip and everything turned for the best. But the last day, DH got sick, and I was very tired, so we look to MK when the boat was departing, and promised myself, no Disney for the next 10 years! :sad2:
    Of course, that didn't last! Our baby girl was born, :lovestruc and two years later her brother joined her :grouphug: We were a family!
    We began to think of Disney again, but tough times awaited us, and Disney was just a dream. "When this happens, we'll go to Disney, I promiss". DH kept telling me, so we dreamed while the storm was hitting hard. I began to work full time, to help the household, and DH's work began to improve. Clear days were not far! :goodvibes We still were a long shot from Disney, but then I decided to take matters on my own hands. I didn't want to wait until certain event that DH expected happens so we can go to Disney. I began to save my bonus, which were improving, and our 10th anniversary wedding was approaching. So, September 2006 arrived and our first Disney trip with the kids became a reality! :cloud9: We invited DH's brother & family (he has 3 kids our kid's age, they are great cousins), but he declined.
    We, of course, had the trip of our lives! :woohoo: Stayed at ASMo (this was a great bonus, I was actually planning for Disneyland when the Free Dining was offered, and in a blink of an eye Disneyland was switched by WDW :thumbsup2). Staying in site is waaay soo different from offsite. This trip made the former 2 trips something like, I don't know.. prehistoric? :rotfl:
    And I also discovered the DIS, so I was fully prepared! :surfweb: (DH hated when he arrived at home, and finding me "chatting with those lunatics" :rotfl2: (He, of course, has learned to respect the DIS. Now when I tell him that I'm not sure of something, he'll say "so why don't you ask the DIS?" :thumbsup2
    Of course, our second trip was beggining as soon as we arrived from the first, so in September '07 we were there again! And again, BIL was invited and declined again. We think that they were looking at Disney as "that great, evil empire" :rolleyes1
    Last year, we planned for our 3rd trip with the family. Now, BIL decided to join us.. at last!! He began to think that, maybe, just maybe! Disney was not so evil after all, and his kids deserved to go. Yeii! Another trip was on the go...
    But... recession came :headache: and DH thought it will be unwise to go this year :guilty: so we took a week off in May somewhere else...
    By August, I was soooo determined to go to Disney again! We talked, and talked, and talked about Disney, daydreaming all the time! It was time to put a stop to that! I began talking about Feb '10, but DH wanted Sept '10 with the free dining again.
    Anyhoo... Free Dining was being offered again! but for December!! :dance3: I always wanted to go in December or early January and see all the holiday's decorations! So I tell DH, why don't we book? we see if we find a good airplane tickets, if not we cancel! OK.. :dance3: DBIL was on too! I convinced them, and now there was no way to cancel!! I mean, yes we could've cancel, but we began to talk about the trip as a sure thing, and next think we now, airplane tickets are bougth!!! It's a reality! We're going to Disney for December!!! Holiday decorations!! Great ADRs!! (wake at 5am on my 90day and got'em all!!) No sweating!! :yay:
    And now, 4 adults and 5 children will have the time of their lives!

    Thank you so much for reading!! My dream has come true and I'm so happy! :santa:
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    Mar 17, 2004
    Oh congrats!!!!

    I would love to go in Dec but with DH's job we won't be able to go during Christmas for years to come...

    So.. where you gonna stay?

    What you gonna eat?
  3. soaringirl

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    Aug 11, 2009
    I'll be staying at All Stars Music, but we're hoping to upgrade to Riverside!! I've been calling, and calling, and calling and no luck! I love the All Stars, so much fun! But honestly? I want a Mod now! Can't go to the others since the other family are 5, so only POR is our chance!!

    I was so fortunate to have all the ADRs that we wanted!

    Sat 5th T-Rex
    Sun 6th Animal Kingdom popcorn::, Boma at 7pm
    Mon 7th Epcot :love:, Flying Fish at 6pm
    Tue 8th Shopping day. Narcoossees at 7pm
    Wed 9th Magic Kingdom :wizard: Liberty Tree Tavern 5pm
    Thu 10th Disney Studios :rolleyes: no TS today!
    Fri 11th MK again! :woohoo: Whispering Canyon Cafe 7pm
    Sat 12th Epcot :cheer2: Le Cellier :love: at 7pm
    Sun 13th :sad1: bye bye Disney!

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