Have 3 and a 5 year old. What can I expect and what pass should I buy


Earning My Ears
Mar 17, 2001
I am staying at WDW resorts but, cannot buy length of stay passes. I am switching which would mean two seperate purchases from what I am told. So.....

How many day Park Hopper pass should I buy (4, 5 or 6 day)? I am staying 7 nights. The last day we will not have time for anything.

Do people with small children visit at least one park every day? Or is it better to do a rest day here and there? Do you sometimes do a pool day then an evening at a park? If I do Sea World one day, will I really want to do a park in the evening?

I would love to hear how others with small children manage it and what pass would work best.
Its so hard to know how your children will hold up and what we will do until we get started.

We usually do a park in the AM and a park in the late afternoon or evening. The afternoon is naps and pool play.

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except we have gone to MGM in the morning and taken the boat to Epcot in the afternoon. MGM and AK probably won't take you a full day (park opening to park closing). We go to the parks when they open (lines are shortest and kids have most energy) and have returned to our resort for rest time in the afternoon. We then head back out to a park in the evening. Try to remain flexible and don't fall prey to "overplanning". I suggest that you research that attractions for each park and determine what is a must-see, a maybe-see, and "we don't need to do that/kids aren't old enough". Good luck! Pamela (and DSs 3 and 5)
Hi we have the same ages DD, 5 and DS 3. What works best for us is the following:
arrival day- pool, shopping etc character dinner in the evening
1 full day in the park usually we do MK first since the kids are full of energy.
2nd- either AK or Epcot till about 2 then we come back and eat, rest swim then over to Epcot in the evening
3rd REST!!!!!!!!!! We do nothing but go to the pool and take a nap!
4th- MGM usually a full day
5th- left up in the air we decide what we still need to see and do and then go.
Last trip we did go to Sea World 2 days this was on the day we arrived and the day we left. We spent about 5 hours each day. they were having a great deal buy 1 day get in the rest of the year so I didn't feel we wasted a day ticket since we were able to come back another day.
But I really feel at this age I would only push them 2 full days and then a break is needed. Now when we were there the parks were open only till 7 so even with a full day we all got to bed at a good hour. But if the parks are open late, past 8 PM then I think we would take a break everyday



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