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    Jan 17, 2007
    Hi everyone! I’ve had so much fun reading everyone’s posts and talking about weddings so far that I thought I would go ahead and do a planning journal post. I’m really enjoying planning my wedding and having a lot of help from family and friends. :goodvibes

    First, a little general background about us. I’ve been going to Disney for as long as I can remember. princess: When I was younger we would go 2-3 times a year on annual passes, and I can probably count on one hand the years that we haven’t gone at all. But I think it’s safe to say I’ve been 30+ times. I met my wonderful DF in college. He had been to Disney as well, but not since he was little and didn’t remember very much about it. Of course, I had to refresh his memory! We took a family trip during our first Christmas together (his parents, my parents, and us) and had a blast – everyone agreed it was one of the best vacations we could remember and we couldn’t wait to go back!

    So, to celebrate our graduation from college, we went back to Disney this past May with his parents and his brother and his brother’s fiancé. We had another wonderful time. His brother hadn’t been there since they were children, and his brother’s fiancé had never been there, so it was great to act as “tour guide” and experience everything for the first time again through their eyes. And I got a Pal Mickey for my birthday/graduation present from his parents – what a surprise and such a wonderful gift! But that wasn’t the only surprise that would happen that trip… (hint hint!) ;)

    On our last night we decided to go to the Magic Kingdom (that has always been my favorite park – I’ve loved fairy tales my entire life, especially Cinderella’s castle – I always look back as we leave to get one last look and try to hold it in my memory until the next trip). When it came time to watch Wishes, DF said he didn’t know where his parents and brother/brother’s fiancé were, so we should just go ahead and pick out a good spot. He said that he had heard that the rose garden by the castle has really nice views, and so we decided to try it. We had about half and hour before the fireworks started, so we sat on a bench and talked. A little while before the fireworks were about to start, I spotted his parents standing a little ways away. I waved at them, but they didn’t seem to see us. Actually, I thought I saw them looking at us once, but they didn’t come over. I thought this was kind of strange and asked DF if we should go stand with them, but he said that we had a good spot and they probably just didn’t notice us. Then, his brother and fiancé walked by. They stopped and said hi to us and sat down on with us, and then, without any explanation, walked away to join his parents. At this point, I was really confused, but the fireworks were about to start and DF said maybe they thought they would have a better view from the other area. But we liked our spot so we stayed put.

    After the fireworks, I looked back to where his family had been, but they had all disappeared! DF said we could just wait for the crowds to thin out before trying to find them. Pretty soon the rose garden was completely empty (everyone was getting lined up for Spectromagic, which we had already seen on another night). It was beautiful – the castle was lit up, the roses were so pretty, and the weather was perfect. And I finally got the hint that this might be THE night – and it was! DF proposed to me with a ring he had picked out all by himself – the happiest night of our lives!:love:

    It is a princess cut and so it fits with the castle proposal perfectly. I love it! :hug: It turns out that everyone except for me had been in on the plan (I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out), which is why his family mysteriously “didn’t see” us when I was waving! He had the ring in its box in his pocket the whole day, and one time I even poked at his pocket and asked what it was, and he said it was his camera. Lucky for me, I didn’t check my bag, because I had his camera in there the whole time! :laughing: Of course, I immediately called my family, and found out that he had called my dad to ask his permission earlier (which was why he was making frequent trips “to the bathroom” throughout the day – my dad was out and he kept calling to try to catch him – and thankfully he did (and of course my dad said “Yes!)!). We met back up with his family and went on a celebratory ride of Peter Pan’s flight together (my favorite ride!) before walking through the magical gates one more time. It truly was the perfect proposal, and meant so much because DF had planned it all out by himself and made it so special with so many personal touches. :hug:

    Sorry to gush so much off topic – I didn’t mean the “background” section to be so long – but I’m smiling to myself even now when I think about it. I’m sure my fellow DB’s will understand. :goodvibes

    But back to the wedding planning! Our wedding is July 7, 2007. 7 has always been DF’s favorite number (it’s his lucky number and also his number in sports). So when we were looking at dates for our wedding (we knew we wanted it to be June or July this summer), we realized that it would be 7-7-07 and just checked on a whim to see if the 7th was a Saturday – and it was! We really lucked out! And now there is no chance of either of us forgetting the date! :thumbsup2 We just announced our date at Thanksgiving, so I only really started planning over the holidays.

    We are having a wedding at my hometown (even though I live a few states away now, it is still “home”), so it has been interesting to plan from afar. But thankfully my parents and DF’s parents have been a HUGE help with everything, so I’m really enjoying planning. Then, we are off on a WDW honeymoon, followed by a Disney cruise (my first ever cruise!). Also, we are staying at the Polynesian – our first time ever staying on Disney property! Can you believe that I have been there 30+ times and never stayed at a Disney resort? What can I say, my family likes to visit Disney “on the cheap,” as my dad calls it.:rotfl: So this trip will be even more special for both of us. We did a lot of research on the hotels, and the Polynesian is just our style – I really can’t wait!:woohoo:

    Sorry, another tangent. :) Our caterer is a family friend. Since we are having an early afternoon wedding, we opted to go for heavy hors d'oeuvres (shrimp, chicken salad rolls, veggies, etc). And of course the cake. This is the pictures that I gave to the baker for reference:

    Our colors are blue and white (blue is my favorite color!), and I don’t want to have the flowers as the cake topper but might want to do blue hydrangeas as the accent flowers (similar to the pink ones here). We are thinking hydrangeas and roses for the main flowers. But I really like that this cake is simple and classic. DF and I are very laid-back and relaxed, so we didn’t want anything to elaborate. And we are having a small wedding of around 50 people (close friends and family), so I think this fits our style.

    I’m also very excited because we recently found our cake topper!

    It is Lenox, and is available on the Disney shopping site as well as through the Lenox site. DF’s mom gave it to us as a present she had been planning, although we got to pick it out (after we had picked it out she was actually able to get it on sale and with free shipping! So we had great timing!). Although we aren’t have a “Disney” wedding, we are trying to incorporate little fairy tale touches everywhere to make it unique and special without being overwhelming. And I loved this cake topper and thought it was especially appropriate, since we got engaged in front of Cinderella’s castle and it even has little roses from the rose garden around the base. princess: And Cinderella's dress was blue (even though we opted to go with the white wedding gown here), but blue matches our colors, so I think it counts:) . I also love that this is a keepsake we can treasure for years to come and display, and when we look at it can remember our special day.

    More to come later!

    Happy Disney dreaming everyone! :goodvibes
  2. PrincessBride07

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Hey there,
    I love your purposal story, that is so sweet. Isn't it fun when you start planning your wedding. :goodvibes I also have to say I love the subtle hints of the cinderella wedding theme. I look forward to hearing more of your planning journal :thumbsup2
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  4. silverangel879

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    Apr 21, 2005
    Nice start!
  5. MiaBella05

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    Oct 7, 2006
    What a great proposal!! He really put some thought into that one, and did a great job of keeping it a secret!! princess:
  6. Tiggerific04

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    Dec 2, 2004
    I love your cake topper!
  7. Rustyflwr3

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    Apr 12, 2004
    Aw, I love your proposal story!! How sweet! :) Your ideas are great and your ring is amazing!!! I cna't wait to follow along with your plans!!
  8. JJClemson

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    Mar 26, 2006
    I love your proposal story, how sweet :love: DF and I considered 7/7/07 also, but he goes back to school on 7/10 so we wouldn't have a honeymoon. Sounds like a lucky day! I love your cake, I am having something similar. Happy planning :)

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