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Ariel Lover

Earning My Ears
Mar 5, 2001
I would like to know if the Hampton Inn in Cocoa Beach is convenient to the port. Is it a nice/clean hotel? Would you recommend it for the night before the cruise? I ask because they are offering a $69 rate as compared to the $89 I got at the Radisson. Any and all opinions would be helpful. Thanks!
How did you get the $89 at Radisson? I am in the processing of booking for 3/1 (3/2 cruise) and find the rates kind of high.
The Radisson is 2.7 miles from the cruise terminal. The Hampton Inn is 3 1/2 miles further down A1A (6.3 miles from the cruise terminal).

The Radisson is in the middle of nowhere. They don't offer complimentary breakfast. They're nowhere near the beach. But they do have a lovely pool area. And they have the free cruise parking and the complimentary shuttle to the terminal. Plus, you're likely to meet other people going on your cruise because this is the most popular place to stay the night before.

The Hampton Inn is only 1 block from the beach. And they offer a complimentary continental breakfast. But they don't offer cruise parking or a shuttle to the cruise terminal.

The Hampton Inn is quite new. Both hotels are reasonably nice and clean.
I got the $89 at the Radisson by calling tham and asking them about it. As far as hotel choices, I don't need the shuttle or the free parking I plan to park at the terminal for convenience. Dave, is the pool area at the Radisson a lot nicer than the Hampton Inn, $20 nicer?

We stayed at the Hampton Inn the night before our cruise. I didn't really notice the pool area, since we didn't use it, but the hotel is very nice. It's probably not as nice as the pool area at the Radisson - that one is really pretty! But you can walk to the beach, which you can't from the Radisson. The lobby is big and new looking and the breakfast is pretty nice, too. The people there were great - we got there late at night after a very looong day (with 3 kids) that wasn't supposed to be as long as it was (but that's another story!). Anyway, they put us in a nice big corner room that had 2 double beds and a double sleeper couch which had plenty of room for all of us. We had only booked a King room w/ sleeper and the littlest one was going to just be in the King bed with us, so this was definitely an "upgrade". I thought it was very nice of them and we didn't ask for it. I guess we must have looked stressed out!:)
We had a rental car that we were returning to Avis at the Radisson the next morning, so the Hampton Inn not having a shuttle wasn't a problem for us. I would certainly say the Hampton Inn was worth it.
How did you get the $69 rate at the Hampton Inn. We are staying there Fri the 25th before our cruise and are paying $109.
I'll let you know how we liked it when we get back. Thanks

Here is where we received the deal for $69 rate for the Hampton for April 19th:


We upgraded to an oversized room for an extra $10 - the oversized room sleeps up to 6 people. Figuring the cost we will be saving by not buying breakfast out for 5 people will be a real big plus for us also. The ad also reads that they have microwave and fridge in every room -- which some people may want to use. We just called the number in the AD for the Hampton and told them that we wanted the deal we seen on the internet under the Florida Space Coast website 'travel deals'. The rep that I spoke to was not familiar with the AD so I faxed it to her. We booked on the phone and received a comfirmation number.



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