Guessing my AMA (AAA equivelant) membership might be all I need

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    Jan 12, 2008
    Hi all ! Wow did I ever recieve some great "mummy dust??" ;) -- is that the Universal term? -- with regard to my hotel booking for our trip next Sept/Oct 2012 here is the thread for you to read about that:
    In any event, I was originally planning on buying Universal's AP via the flex pay option (hoping to get a good AP room discount -- but that seems to have been covered)-- as well as merchandise discount/ and discount on my 3 other tickets I would have to, am I right to assume that my AMA card will give my the same discounts available with the AP pass (excluding, of course the ticket discount)....would it be more adivseable for me to now buy our passes seperately instead of looking into the AP?
    We would need a 3 day park to park pass minimum...and 4th day might be nice too, in case we get a late flight out of Orlando.....
    What are my most economical choices now? is there really a need anymore for me to purchase an AP? (except for the cost split over 12 months option)
    Thanks for the help! dates I am expecting to be in Universal would be Thursday afternoon, Oct 04, 2012 Fri. Oct 05, 2012, and Saturday, Oct 6, 2012....checkout would be Sunday, October 7, 2012...
    Thanks :goodvibes

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