Groceries and Spirits-where can I get both on the way to WDW?


Earning My Ears
May 13, 2000
We have stopped at Goodings on the way to WDW in the past and plan to use a towncar service again this trip. If I remember correctly, Goodings sells only beer and wine. Where can we stop to get both groceries and liquor? Does Publix carry both? They wanted my first-born child last time at the resort for a small bottle of Tanguary!! Since we will be there for 11 days, I was looking forward to some relaxation on the deck/porch/patio (or whatever we will have) with my favorite beverage. Thanks in advance. Gayle
I'm drawing a blank on where there's a liquor store. But, no Florida grocery store can carry anything except beer & wine. You have to go elsewhere for hard liquor.
There's an ABC liquors just up the road from Goodings (third stoplight on the right). If you want to "almost" do both groceries and booze in the same stop, skip Goodings and do the new Win-Dixie which is at literally the same place as the ABC store (same light, just set a little further back from the road).

If you really want to do Goodings, there's a liquor store in the same strip mall that Goodings is in. Just to the right of Goodings as you go in, and equally as high priced as Goodings is.

I seem to recall that the stores at the resorts also carry hard hooch (but I could be mis-remebering).
There is a liquor store next to Walgreens of 535 just a few miles south of Crossroads. prices are pretty good.
Thanks everyone. I'm not attached to Goodings, it was just the only place I was familiar with two years ago. I was hoping to find a grocery store and liquor store in the same mall, so DH could go to one, while I shop at the other. Sounds like the Win-Dixie might be a good choice, since they might be a little more reasonable than Goodings. The resort prices were REALLY high. Gayle
May be a little off course...haven't people been talking about the Super Wal Mart? I want to get directions to that b4 we go in April...but would it be possible that because they carry EVERYTHING maybe the carry the hard stuff too?
Firefighter Mike. All the resorts have liquor somewhere in their gift shops and the Gourmet Pantry in DD also has liquor. It's the price tags that are high. ;)
Super WalMart is easy to find, however, they do not sell hard liquor, you need a separate store for that, and there are many there. WalMart only sells beer, wine and wine (malt) coolers. They cannot sell hard stuff in a grocery store in Florida. It has to be a separate store.
The plaza where Publix is located has a liquor store in the same shopping center. It is very pricy.
The Super Wal Mart in Kissimee is a great place for all your shopping needs but there is also an ABC Liquor store across the road, you leave the car lot and it is about 100 yards on the right.

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