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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by swimmom, Aug 24, 2003.

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    Aug 22, 2003
    Wwe got back recently from a week long stay at the Poly (8/2 - 8/9, Tokelau) and experienced a few hiccups at the beginning of our trip. Some good customer service from a few folks in management helped calm some nerves and reminded me how good Disney can be. We arrived at about 12:30 and of course, our room wasn't ready. We headed to the Volcano pool for a dip and went back to the front desk around 3:30 to see if the room was ready. It was and we headed over to put our 3 year old down for a nap as we had dinner reservations at the Flying Fish (fabulous). Well we all know Florida in the late afternoon in August - it rains, not just regular rain, the old fashioned gully washer kind of rain. Well sure enough, here comes the valet with all of our luggage in an open sided golf cart in the middle of a torrential downpour. Our luggage was well soaked. We have canvas, LL Bean luggage and believe it or not, it had soaked into the hanging bag, which contained the only nice things we brought along to wear. We drove so the children brought their pillow - soaked, my carry bag with guide books - soaked etc... The valet insisted that it was just starting to rain as he headed our way, now unless he had gone via the GF, he was fibbing as the rain had been coming down in sheets for 15plus minutes. The worst part was the guy standing around waiting for his tip!!!! I asked him to have the bell stand manager call me to arrange for some cleaning and he promised she would call immediately. 7:00 pm arrives and we are headed to the car to drive over to the Flying Fish and the phone rings, its the manager . Evidently she had just received the message about our issue and was gracious enough to have our things pressed and offered to buy us dinner that night. What a great response to our problem. I didn't get to wear my cute Lilly dress to dinner but the $250 free meal was awfully nice!!!

    The next morning we got up with the birds to take advantage of the EMH at the MK and were standing in line for the monorail at about 7:25. The train arrives and is so packed it reminded my of my visit to Russia where they have people whose job it is to "smush" you all in the car. We managed to squeeze on and the doors closed and nothing happened - for about 10 minutes. They came on the intercom and explained there was a problem and that everyone needed to get off. They offered the alternative of boat travel to the MK so 100 plus people stream through the GCH out to through the pool and head down to the pier. well foolish me, that boat takes maybe 15 - 20 people max. Little did we know that it doesn't operate in time for EMH - only regular hours. after approx 30 mintes waiting we look up and see a monorail headed to the GF. A stampede ensues and we all head back throught the GCH up to the monorail platform. By this time its 8:30 and we are 30 minutes past early entry. A few bewildered transportation folks are telling us that troubles are solved and a train is coming - but when we ask? Finally at about 8:40 a train arrives and we get to the MK. We try and get throught the turnstiles but are turned back as they are doing the "family of the day" bit and no one can move. We finally get in at regular park opening time and we have 4 frazzled people, 2 40 year olds and a 3 and 6 year old. That afternoon when we returned I stopped and gave my name to the transportation person at the Poly monorail statoon and asked them to call to give me an explanation. two days later no one called. I went to the front desk at the POly and sure enough, the front desk manager came through. it wasn't her problem but she had an unhappy guest on her hands. She offered up a series of fast passes for use at the MK. We had a total of 5 per person. It was the perfect remedy for the situation. I never got a call from transportation but I was awfully impressed with the front desk management.
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    We were at the Polynesian from 8/15-8/22. The monorail was a mess then too. One morning I had an 8:05 priority seating at the MK and I figured an hour would be plenty of time to get there. Well the monorail was broken and they told us that there would be a bus to the magic kingdom. OOOOKKKK. Well we got on the bus which went from the Polynesian to the GF back to the Polynesian then back again to the GF then to the Contemporary then they were just about to go the the MK and they had to go back and pick up a handicapped person at the Contemporary (which we had JUST left). Oh and there was a person with a wheelchair at EVERY stop. Needless to say we missed our priority seating but thankfully the CM understood what happened and scheduled us for a later one. The monorail was down 3 other times that week. What a mess! I'm glad that everything worked out for you though.

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