Got-a-? for all you Budgetholics!


Jul 7, 2000
We arrive in Orlando at 12:30 am, 7/7. Have ressies at the ASM. Should we stick to Disney, or should we try for a cheaper hotel-using Priceline or something-or should we just go to the hotel?
Don't know if it is worth checking in/checking out/checking in again in a 12 hour (or less) period. We are already going to move to the Dolphin later in the week.
Can't check into ASM until after 4pm. Yeah, I know we can check our luggage and so on, but is it worth it to save $50? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
What have you all done and what do you think?
It's not worth it in my opinion, especially since you are already moving once. You'll pay a little more but in return for that, you will save the time it would take to drop off your bags the next day and then check in later in the day.


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