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Oct 3, 1999
We are going on the 7 day in March......we just had our "family" meeting...there will be 6 adults and 2 this excursion a good thing to do???.....Is it worth it????......Would love all opinions.....thanks


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Jun 29, 2000
It was the high of our cruise this summer.

Take dramamine and eat light before you go. DD's both got seasick and I almost did.

Even with that, it was the adventure of the trip.


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Apr 6, 2000
The snorkeling was just "so so" but the excursion itself was a gas. We all had a terrific time, and the crew is really a lot of fun to be around!


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Sep 10, 2001
My family (DW, DH,DD-12, DS-7) went on the 7 day Magic cruise in May '01 and had the pleasure of taking the Golden Eagle Catamaran excursion. There were "wet zones" on the front of the catamaran that were enjoyed by adults and kids alike (mostly children). The trip was a bit rattling at times due to the wind and waves, but it was to be expected and added to the pleasure of the trip.

The crew was entertaining and served beverages almost throughout the trip. The passengers even got to help (if desired) to raise and lower the main sail, and to raise and lower the stairs that let us walk down into the water with our snorkel gear. Their interaction with the passengers was good. Despite a momentary storm passing through and brief rain falling mid-way through the excursion, it was beautiful. We set anchor on a small island with no inhabitants (none that we could see) and went about with snorkeling and enjoying the unspoiled beaches. If you have smaller children, a word of caution. We saw numerous small boats docked in the area of the island and people on the beaches enjoying the sun and sand totally or partially nude. We managed to keep our children mostly unaware, but not completely.

The snorkeling area was about 75-100 yards from where the catamaran anchored and once I swam all the way over, there wasn't much to see, nor much colorful coral or underwater life to enjoy.

The catamaran was well worth the fee, we really enjoyed it a lot. I wouldn't plan this excursion as your only snorkeling opportunity while on the DCL though.

Have a great time!

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