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Sep 18, 2000
I am considering a mothersday trip for Lisa and myself as we still have one park day and 3 plusses left on our passes I am looking at the first weekend of May can anyone let me know what the weather is like at this time of year thanks
Not hot like July, not getting there. And it starts to rain a little more too. I went in May a few years back and it was cloudy all week except the last day. I didn't mind to much, still had fun, it did that afternoon rain thing daily, but that's okay too, as long as you are prepared. GO! Have fun!
I had the opposite experience. No rain and hot, but we loved it. What a sweetheart you are. A disney trip for Mothers day.

Nope no kids this time just the parents yippee.
Ahhhh that sounds wonderful!;)

We found it getting a little too sticky near Mother's day with the humidity climbing but what a Mother's Day I had! LOL We (my DH and I and NO children! LOL) went to Epcot and upon entering I was given a lovely carnation corsage!:) The highlight of my day was going to the American Theatre and getting to see Davey Jones from the Monkees! LOL I was in the 2nd row and felt like 13 again.;)

Yes I would go at that time of year again as the weather is so different there from year to year! What a lucky Mom!:sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


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