Going 1st week of December, what can I expect??

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Aug 10, 2000
Hi, we have always gone to WDW in April and loved it!! Weather was beautiful every day, got to swim and at night was a little chilly to wear a sweatshirt or sweater. What can I expect in December for weather?? I know there are special events planned in December like the MVMCP and Candlelight Processional, when parks close early, how early is early?? What are the crowds like?? I have read that it is the slowest time of the year, that does fall true?? Thanks!! :D


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WDW for the holdiays is just beautiful. You will love it.

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We went april & december in 2000. April we went with are two kids 15 & 17 had a good time a little crowded. December was great just me & dh first trip alone in 15 years. Christmas decorations where so beautiful. must see Osborne Family lights at mgm back lot are amazing We went the first week of december also. We went swimming, the weather was nice. Have a wonderful time.
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We've gone to Disney in early to mid-December for the past two years. I've read other posts about running into cold weather at that time, but we've been very lucky--mostly had daytime highs in the 70's and even low 80's. We bring warm clothes just in case, though.

Disney is not overly crowded at that time, and the Christmas decorations are great! :D

Park closings are not too bad. EPCOT closes usually at 9pm (with fireworks at 9pm for 20min)
MGM has the Osborne Spectacle and Fantasmic so they usually close about 7pm. Magic Kingdom is usually about 6pm or 7pm depending on parade times/fireworks and DAK is usually 5pm or 6pm.

Disney Quest is open until 1am and Pleasure Island until 2am.
This is our favorite time of the year. The Christmas decorations are out and they blow fake snow on various places in the park. Don't miss the Osborne Family Lights. WOW!


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Thanks for the info, we just returned from WDW and we're planning on returning in early December!


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we went first week of decebmer 2000. Good thing we brought blankets for the kids and our winter coats. But also good thing we brought short sleeves and shorts.

It went from warm to FREEZING, to warm again.

It was a great time to go, though!

We're going again the first week of December.
Like you, our WDW trips were always in April or May and we liked that time of year, but in '99 we went the second week in December and couldn't believe how wonderful it was. Even though the park closes earlier than usual (I think MK & MGM closed around 7, Epcot 9, AK 6), the crowds are so much lighter that you get things done much faster than the spring. I think the longest line we waited in was about 15 minutes and that seemed like an eternity since we had walked on to so many earlier in the week.

Try to do as many of the holiday events as you can fit in. My favorite highlight was MVMCP. We rode rides nonstop during the first parade and watched the later one at 11 then left around 12:30. It was so magical. The candlelight processional is also very moving. Another fun thing to do is to spend an afternoon visiting all the resorts and looking at their decorations. Almost all the hotels have their own gingerbread house and xmas displays. Really take advantage of the time of year.

Be sure to pack for all kinds of weather because Florida is hard to pinpoint in Dec. We wore everything from shorts to coats and had two straight days of rain in between it all. So this isn't the trip where you'll be packing light!
Our family is going December 1 - 11. I can't wait. I plan on doing all the Christmas activities. Our kids will be 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 when we go. Only ten more months. :D

Dear wish, dec. 2000, was first experience at x-mas and it was great! Very beauitful, we went for 2 weeks, the 1st week dec 1>7 was cold! sweats, jeans, no shorts even during day ( and we're from the north). 2nd week 80's!, swimming and sleevless. My best tip! Have you MVMCP tix's bought early, and you cp arranged ahead of time, i had 3 MVMCP and tried for 2 more while down there but sold out. It was wonderful everthing looked different, and so more relaxed, no pushy crowds, everyone way more in the spirit, and not so warn out (as in summer).you will love it! mky! :)


I agree with Shelly D. Even though the parks close earlier you are able to do so much more because it's not as crowded. We went in December two years ago and it was wonderful. We are going again this year in December and I can't wait. The decorations are spectacular!!!
I agree with Shelly D. Even though the parks close earlier you are able to do so much more because it's not as crowded. We went in December two years ago and it was wonderful. We are going again this year in December and I can't wait. The decorations are spectacular!!! Enjoy your trip.


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