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    I was just able to get reservations for two nights at the Newport Bay Club Hotel during our stay.

    We will be arriving on the TGV, so how would you all suggest we get to the hotel (with luggage). I hear the shuttles can be a bit full in the evenings ... around 6 pm. Should we just walk?

    Also, we were only able to get two nights at the NBC and our last night will be at the Dream Castle Hotel. Should we just get a taxi from one hotel to the other? Any idea of how much this costs? Will we be able to keep our bags at the NBC until the evening and then go to the Dream Castle? Or would you suggest we check out of the NBC in the morning and go directly to the Dream Castle?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  2. giuly09

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    Shutteles for the Parks to the Hotels are every 12 minutes so i think it could be worth to wait for the next one if the first one would be too busy.
    And anyway the driver would not let you come on board if there are already too many people, just be careful because i have seen a lady left down with the pushchair when Hubby and Baby were already on the bus :confused3

    Going through Disney Village should take about 15 minutes so it could be ok if you are not too tired (and your luggages have wheels of course).
    I am sorry i dont know much about going to the Dream Castle Hotel but it would be possible to leave bags at NBC and go there in the evening as it was possible for us to leave bags and other stuff at Cheyenne both the first and the last day of our stay (They have a special room with shelves and give you back a receipt to collect them later).

    More, rooms are usually avaliable after 3pm so would not be a good choice to go to Dream Castle first thing in the morning i think.
    Have a great time :wizard:
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    It isn't very far to walk and I've seen lots of people go through the village pulling cases behind them. Having said that, the shuttle bus stop is directly outside the train station, how busy it is will be dependant on what time the park is closing, if you arrive before 6.00pm I think you'll get on a shuttle without too much of a problem, just after and it will be busy, although our experience has been that the buses running to the NPB, NY and SL are fairly quiet, obviously a lot of people choose to walk the short distance through the village.

    When you do your swap over from NPB to Dream Castle, if it was me I'd ask at the NPB for a taxi to be arranged, but I like things done as simply and quickly as possible, whether you go morning or evening is up to you either way you will have to use the luggage store at one or other hotel. Id probably make my decision based on Park Closing times. :)

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