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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by TrudyZ, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. TrudyZ

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    Feb 18, 2001
    Well, we decided to check out Vero Beach in April 2004, the week before Easter.

    In order to conserve points, I made reservations for a Garden view inn room. Can anyone tell me about it? Is it a garden view or parking lot view? Are the inn room sizes similar to studios (we have only stayed in OKW studios). The only request I made was non-smoking, not knowing anything about the resort.

    We could try for the ocean view (although I am not sure it is available now), but it would require me to borrow a few points to make the reservation work. So, being the conservative I am, I stuck with the garden view.

    Thanks for any and all info,

    PS--Sorry I haven't been around much. We did our own "add on" recently, Lauren Elizabeth, born 6/27/03! Since it has been nearly 5 years between children, I am not quite into the swing of things yet!
  2. PamOKW

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    Aug 18, 1999
    What a terrific "p.s."! Congratulations and welcome to Lauren Elizabeth.

    Garden view, can be kind of a "parking lot" view but it can also be a pretty spectacular look across A1A towards the Indian River. While the oceanview rooms are getting those terrific sunrises, you will be seeing some pretty amazing sunsets. ;) I haven't stayed in one of these rooms but the view from the laundry room on the 4th floor is equivalent, and it's pretty darn nice. My suggestion would be to request third or fourth floor to increase your chances of seeing across to the river. The one room I'd try to avoid is the one next to the laundry room. :)
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  4. sgtdisney

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    Apr 28, 2001
    We tried Vero Beach for the first time this past summer.. We loved the resort. It is so beautiful. We had a garden view inn room as well. I only requested non-smoking as I had never been there before and wanted to leave it up to chance. Our view was, well, ok. We were on the 2nd floor, tucked in a corner sort of right up against a part of the building that jutted out, kind of built into the roof. As such, most of the balcony was more enclosed. It wasn't a horrible view, I would have probably preferred a different location. As Pam mentioned the view is kind of parking lot/trees view and she is right about the view from the laundry room. Up that high it is really kind of pretty up there..

    If I had it to do again, we would probably spring for the Ocean view, but like you we were conserving points. I would not have a problem going Garden view, but would probably request something on a higher floor. We weren't in the room all that much so that the view mattered, but I would have spent a lot more time in the room and on the balcony if we could have seen the ocean.. ;)
  5. bobbiwoz

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    Aug 26, 2003
    We'll be checking out the garden view in March '04, and we just booked an inn room to save points for our family trip in December '04. I'm looking forward to hearing what members have to say about this type of accomodation.

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.
  6. msdisney53

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    Mar 6, 2001
    We have stayed at VB twice and both times in an inn room garden view. Yes,its similar to a studio except no couch,two beds. The view is okay but with spending much of the out of the room time near the ocean it was kind of pleasant to look at something else. There's always the Green cabin room for a view. Sometimes you just gotta save the points for other things. Vero is a great resort,have fun.:Pinkbounc
  7. muickey'smj

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    Aug 24, 2003
    First time at Vero I opted for an Ocean View Inn room. It was nice, but not spectacular. The ocean wasn't all that visible from our second floor location. I admit sunrise was a treat.

    Since then we've chosen Garden View Inn rooms and have always been happy: the decor is great; the rooms roomy; the beach inviting; the pool enticing; the Green Cabin room, refreshing, and the point values work for me. I like to conserve at Vero in the fall so I can have a two bedroom at HH come spring.

    How did I mess up my user name trying to get back into the discussions?!

    MJ, who used to be mickey'smj and would be again if she could only figure out how

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