FreshBaked in live now at Disneyland... where it's raining???


DIS Veteran
May 14, 2013
It had been raining on and off all morning. At least it isn't has heavy as last night during the party. Still glad we had our ponchos

midnight star

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Aug 11, 2017
What is the Halloween party like in the rain?
There are a lot of different reviews about it. I thought it was pretty fun! Yeah the fireworks and parade got cancelled, but ride lines were still short. Also I was able to put my focus on the treat trails and a rare character (Constance Hatchaway). I didn't want to leave, even though I was getting drenched lol The hard part was having to walk all the way to Mickey and Friends because the trams stopped running due to the lightning. That's when I got completely soaked. I'm happy I checked the weather and brought an umbrella and jacket.


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Apr 2, 2009
... but ride lines were still short. ... I didn't want to leave, even though I was getting drenched lol
This happened to me on a Sunday a few years ago. It pounded rain all day and I got drenched. Did it suck? Sure. But lines for virtually every ride were super short. The park ended up closing several hours early because of the light attendance. I was wearing three layers up top and still my T-shirt got completely soaked. It was fun in a way. But also a challenge.


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