Free dining and free upgrade ponder... and FD hotel question?

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by glitzybabes, Feb 20, 2010.


Which hotel will you book?

  1. I will be paying the Difference for the regular dining plan and booking a Value!

  2. I will be just booking a Moderate or better!

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  1. glitzybabes

    glitzybabes I miss VMK!!!

    Aug 6, 2004
    So let just say they offer Free dining for 2010 to general Public and let just say that it is free QS for the is my ponder...Remember all that free upgrading to OKW or SSR for the ppl that booked values? I wonder if that was to happen again, will we be upgraded to Regular DP and if you had already paid the extra $10.00 per ppl per night to upgrade yourself the regular DP, will that we refunded? I know last year the tax difference and extra cost for the extra adults were refunded. So I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.;) I know it is still cheaper to book a value and pay the difference in the dining plans then it is to book a mod. for most ppl.

    and so my question is

    If Free dining is offered this year and you only will receive QD FD if you book a Value and you going to pay the extra $$$ for the regular dining plan or just book a mod.???

    Oh just a note: The upgrading emails went out on July 23 around 10:00am
  2. mortimor

    mortimor Mouseketeer

    May 25, 2004
    with 5 and wanting more room we will have two value rooms and pay the difference on the dining plan.....I hope they allow us to upgrade and not be stuck with the QS plan. ADR's are already made and we got the perfect times each day!!
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  4. williamson_ja

    williamson_ja DIS Veteran

    Apr 28, 2009
    That's a very good question. I hadn't thought about the cost difference in paying to upgrade the dining plan vs. paying to upgrade the hotel room to get the better dining plan.... hmmm I guess I was just still hoping they don't change anything and let those of us in values keep the reg DDP. I'm glad someone put the dates from the last upgrade. We got upgraded last year through a grand gathering connection. My dd got the email and no one else did.. We sure enjoyed those 1 bedroom suites at SSR... If they were offered again I would try out OKW for something new. Here's hoping we get free dining at all.... then hoping again that they do some upgrading. I loved that trip!
  5. DisneyBamaFan

    DisneyBamaFan Alabama - 2009 National Champions

    Jan 10, 2009
    Neither - hated the DDP, but the QSDP would be perfect for us...
  6. dclfun

    dclfun DIS Veteran

    May 13, 2000
    I don't like the DDP either but the QSDP is perfect for how my family chooses to dine. I'm so glad there are different options/dining plans to meet differing needs and touring/dining styles. We actually stopped booking with FD when the DDP changed to removing the prepaid grats and appetizer since my kids prefer the appetizer to a main course. So for us, we'd stick with a value resort and the QSDP.---Kathy
  7. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve DIS Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    ok a bit clueless in this regard - this is our first bounceback for late sept. So we already got free basic plan on a value.

    Why have these upgrades happened, or what triggered their need? Too many folks booking values with FD?

  8. glitzybabes

    glitzybabes I miss VMK!!!

    Aug 6, 2004
    Yes, they offer a free upgrade to the ppl who book values if they are overbooked or to make room for more ppl to room at the values.
  9. feezle

    feezle Mouseketeer

    Jan 14, 2008
    We have 2 values booked for september. Going to upgrade the dining. Would be great if they gave the DDP instead of QSDP. Would save us quite a bit. I highly doubt we would get upgraded to a deluxe since we have 2 rooms, but would love to stay at SSR again.
  10. Jareds_mommy

    Jareds_mommy DIS Veteran

    Aug 14, 2007
    we couldn't eat quick dinning for the whole 2 weeks we go
    and DH can't seep in a double bed so we always book CSR anyhow
  11. enchantingodin

    enchantingodin You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself

    Jul 7, 2008
    Because I'm an obsessive Disney planning nerd - I've already done the math on that. ;)

    For our family (2A/2C - we usually go for 5 days) the cost to upgrade from QSDP to DP would be $24 a day. BUT lets not forget the additional cost for tips @ TS. Figuring that most TS are gonna run us around $75, a 20% tip would be $15. Taking it further still - our family usually has breakfast in our room. The added cost of drinks, breakfast foods and snacks usually run us about $30 per trip. Whereas is we had the QS plan we'd use our refillable mugs and a SC for breakfast. So this brings our REAL total to an extra $45 a day to do the regular DP. Still - not a bad deal.

    However while I do love all the wide variety TS have to offer - I really only NEED (for traditional reasons) to go to one Character Meal on each trip. This would cost us approximately $100, including tip, OOP.

    To be honest I'm currently a little torn. We're only talking about a $125 difference here. So will it be the freedom to run around more like we used to before we discovered FD 3 years ago. Or will the awesome-ness of all that delectably good food win us over. :scratchin

    Jury's still out. :laughing:

    For others who want to do the math (per day) for your family:
    upgrade plan - 10A, 2C
    cost of tips @ TS - $5A, $2.50C
    extras snacks brought from outside property - $2A, $1C

    During vaule season (when traditional FD is held) there is a $67 difference between the price of a Mod and a Value. So even with 4 'adults' in your room you won't break even on upgrading your plan at a Value.

    *Please note these are just meant as my personal approximations - your family might eat and vacation TOTALLY different than we do. ;)
  12. Luvmepluto

    Luvmepluto "Crowded classrooms and half-day sessions are a tr

    Mar 20, 2009
    I would only do it if it is worth it to you.;) But, a saving is a saving.:woohoo:

    With my family, we eat in various areas and tend to snack quite a bit. The meal plan is a fantastic value for us. :banana: The year we went without the dining plan, we really regretted it....:sad2: We always do the DP and never the QSDP.

    I hope you make the decision that best fits you and your family.:grouphug:
  13. asmit4

    asmit4 DIS Veteran

    Aug 13, 2007
    I know I can't design my own plan and if I wanted to do this then I can just pay OOP and shut up about it but I really wish that DW would make a 3QS, 2 snacks, 1 refillable mug plan or 2QS,1TS,2 snacks, 1 refillable mug. Here's to 2011!

    As for upgrading- with just my mom and I upgrading for extra space at a mod isn't worth it. So we'll just keep the value and pay the $20 extra to upgrade. One of these years we are going to upgrade to deluxe and just eat and eat and not have a care in the world about credits :) Not this year though- too much going on financially I think.
  14. MightyMom

    MightyMom DIS Veteran

    May 29, 2006
    We will stay at a value and upgrade. 2Adults 2 Kids (10,5)

    I don't know how anyone can live on QS during an entire vacation.

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