Freddy vs Jason. No Joke, they are really going to make this movie.


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Feb 21, 2000
This year brought us a movie which featured Jason sporting his famous hockey mask in space. Of course, people stayed away in droves, but are they giving up? Noooooooo.

Prepare yourselves for Freddy vs Jason! Yes, those 2 wonderful characters that no one particularlly wants to see again will be battling it out in this picture to determine once and for all who is the king of teenage slasher films! Oh, the excitement, the drama, the utter idiocy of it all!

I mean really, who in Hollywood could have possibly thought this was a good idea?

Heres a link to the story:


DIS Veteran
Aug 19, 2000
I hated Freddy's nails.:eek: I'm not sure if I've ever seen one of the Jason movies though. I think Freddy's a wimp though.:p


International Man of Mystery
Jul 6, 2002
Nothing surprises me with Hollywood anymore, All any one cares about is making the almighty dollar :( I know its a business but so many films have been ruined by crappy sequals or poop spin offs. My favourite film ever is Jaws but would they stop there?
Nope they made all the super crap other Jaw Films :(
Anyway I have fell off my soapbox :)


<font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono
Feb 15, 2000
I never watched the other Jason or Freddy "films" I don't think I'll be seeing this one either :)


<font color=green>Emerald Angel<br><font color=mag
May 12, 2001
The Friday the 13th series is HILARIOUS!

I'll probably wait for this to hit cable. This movie idea has been around for years though.


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