Framing Question


DIS Veteran
Jun 3, 2000
I have not done what I call framing -- I had three pin sets on 8x10 Disney display cards and slapped them in 8x10 display frames I bought at Michael's.
Now I want to start framing groups, to get pins out of these binders I have all over. But I am wondering what type of frames to use, what to mount them on, etc.
The downside to glass is it would make it harder to remove them? It would be merely for displaying. Which some I would want to do that.
I was thinking of buying some decorative cork board, put that in a frame and not place glass over it. I could display pins, interchange them easily, and still wear them if I wanted. Other than the pins possibly getting occasionally dusty, would that work? Anyone tried it?
What have you found works best?
I use foamboard covered in black velvet. Then place it in a frame. I like this method as I can move the pins around (usually closer to each other) to add more.

I use a mat board that I cut to size and put in a shadow box. It keeps a good distance from the pin so that they don't get scratched and allow me to take them out as well.


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