Forgotten details!! from Days 1 & 4

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  1. scarlett873

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    Jul 19, 2002
    Me…29 self professed Disney freak (8th trip to Disney World)
    Matthew…30 loves me despite my Disney freakishness (first trip to Disney World)

    Day Four, Sept 12, 2002…Do I have to get out of bed? (update from days 1 and 4)

    Bear with me on this one, I neglected to write down what order we did everything in!!
    For some reason, I was very anti-journal keeping that day!! I forgot to mention something!

    We were wearing our matching polo shirts. They had Tinkerbell on the left side of the shirts and said…2002…Matthew & Brandie…From this day forward…

    We did take in the Stars and Motor cars Parade that day. I had it timed perfectly so that we saw Beauty and the Beast, the parade, and then it would be time for our PS. We had a great seat right out in front of the photo shop! It seemed to take the parade forever and a day to get to us though. I enjoyed this parade a lot! Since we were wearing our hats, most of the characters noticed and would wave and say congratulations to us! It was pretty neat…

    I think that’s all I forgot for that day…

    But I thought of something that I had forgotten from our wedding day!!

    After the wedding, we were back in our room. When we got into the room, there was a small picture/card addressed to us and signed by the “stars” of the picture, Cinderella and Prince Charming! I was excited…

    And then, when we were ready to head out to Epcot, I could not find my purse or my key card anywhere! I looked in every single dresser drawer, under the bed, under blankets, in the suitcase, everywhere, and it was nowhere to be found. So Matthew calls guest services. I just wanted him to check and see if maybe the housekeeper had accidentally scooped it up with our towels and bed linens when she had come in. While he’s on hold, I open up the drawers again, and guess what’s sitting in there? MY PURSE!!! I swear that it wasn’t there before…and we managed to find my room key as well.

    Oh yeah…and did I mention that he LIKED Beverly at Epcot? ICKY…PATOOEY…GROSS…YUCK…BLECH…

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  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Glad to hear you found your purse and room key - thanks for posting!
  3. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Thanks for the updates on 1 & 4!

    I keep forgetting to ask, what's a kungaloosh?!?!
  4. scarlett873

    scarlett873 <font color=hotpink>Surrounded by true friends<br>

    Jul 19, 2002
    it's several things...

    it's an all purose word that can mean both hello and goodbye or's the official greeting for "members" of the adventurer's club...
    and an awesome drink!!

    Spot your fellow adventurers by tipping a glass of this frozen
    concoction made with Captain Morgan Original spiced rum, blackberry brandy liquer, orange and strawberry juices. This is the drink for all visiting adventurers during our new member induction ceremony.

    i got the drink ingredients from

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