For the love of 'Ohana


Jul 30, 2011
The Pb&J shake was the ONLY good thing
We went on one of our trips the past couple years ... I think it was Oct 2017 ... and would mostly agree. The food was OK. But the PB&J shake was awesome.

We also had a pretty lame table location; toward the front where everyone had to walk past us. That whole restaurant must have been the model for walkways in Toy Story Land based on the narrow pathways between tables.

Outside of the table location issue it was a neat experience. But not something I'd necessarily want to do again. I'd prefer to stick with Sci-Fi Dine In if I'm doing table service at HS. And maybe still get the PB&J shake from the Tune-In Lounge (haven't done this before but know it's an option).

Edit: This is where we sat. The pictures make it look roomy but when the seats have occupants and are pulled out from the table then it gets a lot tighter in between tables.



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Aug 28, 2009
OP-I agree with you!
Maybe we're just lucky but we have always had a fantastic time at Ohana. We were not rushed, pacing was just right with skewers, food was really good.
I read SO SO SO many complaints about this place but we have not experienced any of it. There's a reason it remains so popular and is a very difficult reservation to snag.
For those who had a bad time, that's such a bummer because typically it is a fun and yummy dining experience.


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Apr 28, 2015
My DS and I ate at 50's a year ago and it was the absolute worst experience of any ADR I've had to date at WDW. It was a late lunch ressie (around 1:30 or later). We waited over an hour past our reservation time for a table (just 2 of us). We were put in the little back room that only has a few tables, so we didn't even get to see the fun going on at other tables. Our waitress provided no character interaction at all. The food, was meh. So we haven't returned. O'hana breakfast in 2016 was wonderful. O'hana dinner in 2018 was rushed as Pete has referred to. The thing I found strange was that our server came around at the beginning, then we never saw him again until almost the end of the dinner. Other people delivered the various foods. They seemed to push you from salad to meat to get out. Not what I expected at all. I'm in no hurry to return for dinner.


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