(For PI Applicants) Disney Interns Anonymous 13 Step Program

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  1. YesIStillLoveDisney

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    Feb 27, 2009
    Disney Interns Anonymous
    13 Step Program

    1.) We will admit we have a problem.

    2.) We will determine what form our obsession takes. (Facebook chat, continuously refreshing the Facebok group or DIS, Refreshing your email constantly, Staring at your phone for unusually long periods of time, Constantly checking to see if said phone it turned on, Having a panic attack if the phone dies, Calling the CP office every day or week, Obsessing over housing/roommates before we get an offer, etc.)

    3.) We will admit that we have absolutely no idea how the College Recruiting office or Casting works and will stop trying to figure it out.

    4.) We will stop becoming irrational every time we miss a call or get one from a restricted number.

    5.)We will relax and stop wanting to commit murder on the next person who tells us that "No news
    is good news" when we in fact know that it is just not bad news.

    6.) We will accept that only a call or email from the mouse can restore our sanity.

    7.) We will accept whatever decision is given to us.

    8.) We will not call the recruiting office or casting more than once to ask why we were denied

    9.) We will focus on the idea that everything happens for a reason.

    10.) We will look at other options and realize that Disney is not the whole world or our only career

    11.) We will truly be happy for those who did receive offers and will let go of all jealousy.

    12.) We will not be bitter and will let our anger go.

    13.) We will accept these steps and will work everyday not to get caught up in our obsession again when we reapply next semester.[/LEFT]
  2. CWLGamer

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    Apr 28, 2011
    LOL.... this is great stuff!!
  3. YesIStillLoveDisney

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    Feb 27, 2009
    Haha, thanks, we created it on the Facebook group with the hope of never having to use it...unfortunately I just got my rejection email. Think maybe I jinxed myself by creating it.

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