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Sep 12, 1999
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first timers trip
My family will be making 2 firsts in 24 days. Our first trip to disney and our first trip with our pop-up. I have 4 kids anges 3,5,7,9 and we will be driving in from chicago area. Any helpful hints, things 'not to forget' to bring with, or any suggestions to make this a trip of a life time would be great! I can't decided who is more excited me...or the kids? 24 days and counting....
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You will have a wonderful time at FW! I'm so excited for you! I remember our first visit to FW and it was great!
Don't forget to save time to RELAX! That's the biggest tip I give people - don't try to do everything in one trip! Take your time at the parks or you will be all "parked-out" after the 2nd day! LOL!

FW is a nice, relaxing and fun place to come "home" to at the end of a busy day at the parks. Don't forget to check out the campfire program. It's every evening at 8:00pm in the Meadows Recreation area.

The Trail's End Buffet serves all 3 meals at very reasonable prices. It has a fun, western-style theme and the food is very good!

The sell refillable mugs at the Trail's End fr $8.99 each. They can be refilled free there with pop, pink lemonade, coffee, hot chocolate and tea. You can also refill them free at the Meadows Trading Post with hot beverages.

- Rhonda :-)
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the weather will be nice for your visit, try and go to a water park in the afternoon its very refreshing, River country is in fort Wilderness adn FW guest get a discounted admission - its not posted so you need to ask for it.
Relax and have a great time in your new mode of travel. Camping is very fun for the whole family.

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Ditto on what Rhonda said. We are just back from our first trip to FW. We had a dome tent. There are so many things to do at FW itself, that you don't really need to do all of the parks! I left our last day to just see and do things in FW. Our first day to unwind from our drive from Ohio, we swam in the Meadows pool and attended the Campfire program. We stayed at the ASMu in June and I have to tell you FW is the way to go. Everyone is so much more friendlier and FW itself is totally enchanting. You will love it! TC
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Thanks for the great info...I follow these boards so much I feel like its a religion...LOL...I can't wait to report back to everyone...and then start planning the next trip : )
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Plan a Day Off!
One of the best things we have done is plan for a "day off" every 4th day or so. Otherwise, your family will get burned out and not enjoy the latter part of your vacation.
Of course, if you only have 3 or 4 days to see it all, go for it
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a few useful hints
I hope you have a great time! I've never been to FW but for 10 years took many trips in our popup camper. Since you say this is your first trip in it I will tell you my helpful hints. First thing, the last thing to pack into the camper after the top is down is the first thing you need out. This may sound obvious but sometimes just trying to make things fit you move then around. Make sure if you have a crank handle to raise the top (and it comes out for storage) that it is where you can get to it. Also if you are planning to stop and eat out of your cooler on the way down that you can reach it without having to lift the top. A small shake-able rug to place on the ground out side the door is really helpful to keep dirt and grass from being tracked in. Our popup had just one light in the center and none over the beds and we found snakelites that twist around things and hold their shape were a big help. Florida is humid and muggy so be sure to bring plastic storage bags for things that really need to stay dry. I always liked to have a flashlight for everyone in the camper in case several of us went different places then we didn't have to wait till someone came back to swap flashlights.Have fun,
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Thanks again...I am a littl eworried about the opening and closing of the pop-up. we will be there for 7 nights so I planned our 'do nothing day' for the 4th night. I'll keep you posted...21 more days...
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Make sure you bring one of these!!!!!!!!!!
hi ann.
Here is one thing that no thinks about to take.
make sure you have a lug wrench and a bottle jack for your camper. Just incase you get a flat tire.
Have a great trip.
Also ann check out this website just for pop-up campers You'll se me there as We4camp.

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I always pack a small bag with shorts and bathing suits in the back of the car just in case our site isn't ready when we get there.
We also pack a small canvas bag with car games and extra batteries for the Gameboys. One year we didn't tell our children where we were going so I packed a "hint present" for each of them. Half way thru the trip down I let them open their presents, but they still coudn't figure it out (LOL).

Don't forget to bring a bag for laundry and laundry detergent. We also make sure to bring a roll of quarters for the laundry.

Have a wonderful trip - FW is the only way to go to Disney!

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