First timer dining questions.....

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by mouser_momof2, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. mouser_momof2

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    Jul 9, 2009
    Is Le Cellier really worth it? Better at lunch or dinner?

    If you were to choose either Tusker house breakfast with Donald or Cape May breakfast which would you choose and why?

    What place do you recommend to skip to eat (at any park). What is a must do?

    I know that there are many threads that probably address these questions, and I'm starting on several right now, but wanted personal opinions.

    Also, what about Planet Hollywood. Is it worth it? I've been to a Hard Rock before, but never Planet Hollywood and wondered about the food here.

    Thanks for you're help!
  2. TinkerbellinLouisian

    TinkerbellinLouisian I think I'm going on my 21st visit in 47 years...

    Mar 16, 2009
    Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe are on the same page for me...
    The food is Bleh.....
    The experience is....well...I've done I paid to eat there May '09 for DS because he requested it.....

    Our TS ADR's are :

    MK: CRT
    Epcot: Teppan Edo
    DHS: H & V

    with 'Ohana Breakfast mixed in there...

    I am DYING to try Le Cellier....and Hoop De Doo.....

    This is all IMHO...Have a Magical VIsit!
  3. squirrel

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    Aug 19, 1999
    We had breakfast at Tusker House last year and it was soo good. Unless you are staying at the Beach Club (?) I wouldn't want to make a special trip over just for Cape May (or a free day).

    I haven't been to Le Cellier yet, but will try it in October.

    I liked all the places I went to last year except: Hollywood and Vine Dinner.

    We ate at: CM (B), CP (D), Sci-fi (D), Coral Reef (L), 1900 Park Fare (B+D), Kona Cafe (D) and The Wave (D)
  4. SiClone

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    Feb 8, 2007
    We had lunch at Le Cellier last year during FD. Wanted dinner, but couldn't get in, so we took the lunch. It was very good and lived up to the hype. Later that evening, we had dinner at Princess Storybook at Akershus. Food there wasn't so good, but the princesses made up for that.

    We also did Cape May for breakfast on a different day and so far, that has been the best character interaction we've ever had at WDW. The characters took their time to interact with the kids and offered and were willing to take multiple photos. Our other character meal that week was at Crystal Palace. Pooh and his gang were in a super rush as that place is very big.

    The only other character meals we've ever experienced is Chef Mickey's, for breakfast twice. Those were OK as well.

    We also ate lunch at Planet Hollywood that week. The center dining area is very crowded so it would have been better had we purchased a VIP coupon and had a booth.

    ROEDISNEY DIS Veteran My name

    May 30, 2004
    LC -is good & very very popular. Both lunch & dinner are good.
    Tusker house bk is good if your going to AK then I say go.
    Now Cape May- bk is also very good it very quiet there.
    If you have never been to PH then I'd go. we been here many of times and loved it.

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