First time to HH..Some airport questions


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Dec 15, 2000
Hi all,

a few questions...we are hoping to rent a 2 br unit at HH this spring..

coming from Minnesota would flying into savannah airport, then renting a car be the best route to HH? If we didn't rent a car, what airport transportaton is there?

Any suggestions would be great. never been to SC.

I would say, rent the car. Even if you could find transport from the airport to HH at a reasonable price, having a car while at the resort has the benefit of allowing you to get around easily.
Savannah is the main hub for the area (believe there is a small airport at HH or just outside it). Rent a car. HH is not a place to be without one.
I would think a taxi from Savannah would be quite expensive and the benefits of having a car would make it worthwhile to rent one from Savannah for your uratiuon. If you fly into HH itself you can get a taxi to the resort for about $10-15. There are quite a few restaurants etc within walking distance , so you could have a good time without a car, although IMHO you'll have a better one having the use of a car. If you do look to fly into HH the only scheduled flights are from Charlotte on USAirways so you would need to go via Charlotte.

Savannah is about 50-60 minutes drive, Charleston I believe 90-120 minutes, Charlotte is 4-5 hours.


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