FInlayson Honeymoon - Day 1

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  1. maxie

    maxie <font color=993366>Thanks so much for the tips<br>

    May 1, 2002
    Cast - Kathy, me, the new wife, 33
    Glen, my new husband, 29
    Monday, September 9, 2002

    After a whirlwind weekend of wedding, out of town guests and packing the alarm went off at 5 Monday morning. I jumped in and out of the shower while Glen crawled out of bed. We packed the car and were out of the house by 5:40. We drove to my sister's house who lives close to the airport. After leaving her with our dog my brother-in-law jumped in the car and had us at the airport by 6:15. In exchange for the dog we had to leave my car to ensure that the dog would eventually be picked up!!
    Flight was uneventful. We had a transfer at Minneapolis but it was short. We brought some snacks for the flight down. We flew Northwestern and had got one ticket free from Air Miles.
    We arrived in Orlando about 2:30. We managed to collect all the luggage and the car rental. National was very guick and friendly. We chose out a Deewu. I had never heard of this type of car before. I quess it's not too common in Canada.
    With some wrong turns we managed to arrive at the All Star Movies by 4:15. I was so excited and pointing out things to poor Glen who was tried to drive. It's his first time in Disney.
    When we went to check in we found out we had been upgraded to a King size for our honeymoon. We stayed in Jazz 2. The room was great.
    After we got unpacked and cleaned up a bit we walked around to see the hotel. We bought our refillable mugs and checked out the store.
    About 6 we headed over to the GF for dinner at 1900 Park Fare. WOW! Great hotel, wonderful buffet! It was quiet so we got lots of time with Winnie and friends. The buffet was so huge we only got to half of it. Great choice for our first night!
    After supper we wandered around and bought our bride and groom ears at Sandy Cove. Glen didn't like the top hat so got regular ears instead.
    We rode on the resort monorail. The CM asked us to sit up front! We got off at the Contemporary and looked around for awhile. We took the monorail back to the GF and went to the beach. No one else was there and it was a beautiful night! It was so romantic! We stayed and saw the Floating Electrical Pagent. I sure wouldn't go out of my way to see it again but if you happen to be there it's nice to watch.
    On the way back to the car a WDW security quard saw our hats and stopped to say congrats and see if we wanted a ride. Sure thing as it was a long way back to the car!
    Went back to ASMu for a quick swim and bed at 10:30.

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  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    And your honeymoon is off to a grand start - does 1900 Park still serve the cold strawberry soup? Thanks for posting!
  3. maxie

    maxie <font color=993366>Thanks so much for the tips<br>

    May 1, 2002
    Yes! And is's AWESOME!! In fact 1900 Park Fare was beyond words!! That was the most romantic evening - the night we arrived! The dinner at GF, sitting on the beach all by ourselves watching the Electrical Water Pageant, riding the monorail and seeing the castle! Seeing Glen's expression as we went past on MK on the monorail - it was his first trip to Disney ever!! Just the anticipation that night!! We got great pics of Eeyore kissing me! And TIgger teasing Glen! I went into the washroom later on in the evening - when I came out Glen was having some very odd discussion with Tigger! Still not sure what they were talking about! Tigger is Glen's fav!! It was pure Disney magic!!
  4. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    What a fantastic start to your honeymoon! We stayed in Jazz at ASMu in March and loved the location!

  5. vald1977

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    Mar 20, 2002
    :D Wow! It sounds like such a great start to your trip. I loved the buffet at 1900 PF too. Everything was just sooo good -- very different from your typical buffet. I'm off to read more.

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