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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by happyleesh, May 1, 2013.

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    Apr 6, 2011
    So we're booking on Friday and deciding on which resort to stay at. We stayed at POFQ and love love LOVED it last time around. I have absolutely no problem staying there again as it was perfect for everything we needed but a small nagging part of me is saying "there are SO many great resorts, do you really just want to go back to the same one?" So, I thought I'd bring the question here and get some advice. :)

    Why we LOVE POFQ:
    small resort, quick walk to room, pool nice for kiddos, good food, riverboat to DTD, quick bus service, running path to POR and back, adjoining rooms.

    Who we are:
    room #1 - dh's grandparents, very active and up for anything, helpful with kiddos

    room #2 - me and dh, plus DD3 and DD8 months.

    So, is there anything that we're looking for that would compare to POFQ? We're looking at mod or value so it's slightly limiting there. Thanks!
  2. ZebraDomeCrazy

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    Jun 6, 2006

    As far as Moderates go, I'd say you have the best for your family at French Quarter. Obviously, you've run over to Riverside to check that out. My husband loves French Quarter, while I prefer Riverside a bit -- I think it is a bit more tranquil and better landscaped, although with little ones, Riverside is more spread out, which can be cumbersome at the end of the day. (I do enjoy the pool area at Riverside, also the jungle gym play area near the pool. They also have a catch and release fishing that would be great for your 8 year old. Coronado Springs is very nice also. If you request the Cabana section there, you would still have a short walk fromt he buses and food court. As Coronado is a Conference Center, they have a few more ammenities than your standard Moderate. There is a sit down restaurant, a very nice lounge, two outdoor bars, a fitness center, a salon, and a huge pool, with volleyball court, arcade and playground. Very beautiful grounds there also. We haven't stayed at Carribean Beach in years, but I know that they have recently redone their pool area and it is really amazing. the resort is very spread out though. You would have to search to find out which area to request for your needs. Sorry if I gave you more questions, than answers... I find that each resort has pro's and con's. It's up to finding out what things are most important to your family. i suggest staying at French Quarter again, since you already know you will be happy there. Take a bus or two from the parks to other resorts to roam about and check out the pools, food courts, etc... for future visits. That's what we do. Good luck! Jane:thumbsup2
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    Jun 20, 2006
    POR - it's the same room with different furniture & different bedspreads.

    The pool would be great for the little ones.
    The food court is the best on Disney property.
    The grounds are gorgeous & you can visit POFQ!
    If you have a Disney Visa - you get a 25% discount!

    You know you want to try it! :thumbsup2
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    I agree with the PP's, if you want a change, I'd go with POR. You'll get to keep the boat to DTD, but have the novelty of trying a resort with a different feel. Even though it's bigger than POFQ, it's definitely much smaller than the other Mods, so you'll have that small resort feel you like :thumbsup2

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