Final itinerary- please look over in case I missed something!

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    Jun 3, 2011
    Hi guys!

    I am like 99% there with my plans and reservations- I just need some final feedback before I stop planning. After much deliberation and having like 5 different ways we could go about this disney trip- this seems to make the most sense in having the most WOW factor for us. WOW factor and experiences are a biggie for us.

    We're going to do a 3 resort split stay (we're both young and quick moving 26 year olds- so this doesn't intimidate us- famous last words... :rotfl2:) and do the regular dining plan for the 5 middle days of the trip. We like the dining plan for the ease of it. So basically night 1 is Wilderness Lodge (my personal favorite resort that I've never gotten to try out) with no dining plan, nights 2-6 are Caribbean Beach with the dining plan, and night 7 is Beach Club (his favorite resort) and no dining plan. That means I had to really arrange this perfectly to make it all work dining plan wise.

    Here's our schedule:

    Tuesday February 26th

    Check into Wilderness Lodge
    OOP lunch at Roaring Forks (20.00)
    Pick up KTTW tickets at MK
    Catch evening shows at MK
    OOP dinner at Artist Point (110.00)

    Wednesday February 27th

    Granola bar breakfast
    Check out of WL
    Spend morning at MK
    Use #1 of 5 QS credits at Be Our Guest
    Check into CBR and relax for awhile
    Spend evening at Epcot
    Pay OOP at Via Napoli (30.00)

    Thursday February 28th

    Granola bar breakfast
    Spend all day at Epcot
    Use #2 of 5 QS credits at Kringla Bakery
    Use #1 of 5 TS credits at Chefs de France

    Friday March 1st

    Granola Bar Breakfast
    Spend AM at Animal Kingdom
    Use #3 of 5 QS credits at Yak & Yeti
    Relax at resort
    Few hours in evening at Magic Kingdom
    Late night dinner and use #2 of 5 TS credits at O'Hana

    Saturday March 2nd

    Spend all day at Hollywood Studios
    Early lunch and pay OOP at Sci-Fi Diner (40.00)
    Late night dinner and use #3+4 of 5 TS credits at Jiko

    Sunday March 3rd

    Morning at Downtown Disney
    Use #4 of 5 QS credits for early lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express
    Walk around MK area resorts for a few hours
    Use #5 of 5 TS credits for early dinner at Grand Floridian Cafe
    Evening at Magic Kingdom

    Monday March 4th

    Check out of CBR
    Spend AM at Epcot
    Use #5 of 5 QS credits at Katsura Grill
    Check into Beach Club and relax for a few hours
    Back to Epcot and pay OOP for Yorkshire County Fish Shop (20.00)

    Tuesday March 5th

    Check out of Beach Club
    Spend AM at Magic Kingdom
    Pay for OOP Lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern (40.00)
    Spend a couple final hours at Beach Club before leaving or airport at 3

    A couple questions:

    1. We check out of CBR (the resort our dining plan is attached to) on Monday March 4th. We're heading to Beach Club that night but will be spending the time in between check out and check in at Epcot. Can we still use our QS credit? Yes right?

    2. When we check out of Beach Club on our last day- Tuesday March 5th- we have a lot of time before our flight. We're going to do a few hours at MK and then want to hang out at the Beach Club pool. Even tho we are technically checked out- they will let us hang out for awhile right- while we wait for our bus to MCO?

    3. Do you think I've chosen the right places to use credits for and the right places to pay OOP? Would you switch anything?

    4. Finally- hows the overall restaurant line up look?! I'm finally pretty happy with it- hah! (Ps. Obviously at Epcot we don't have to eat at those specific QS places. Those are just suggestions ;) )

    Thank you thank you thank you! We are so pumped- I hope this itinerary "checks out" as good so I can finally end the planning process! (As boring as my life will become without disney planning!)
  2. purple figment

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    Aug 17, 2009
    My answers in red.

    Your plans look great!
  3. jude&jonah

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    Jun 3, 2011
    Thank you so much Kim- thank you for all your fun comments! haha And you answered ALL of my questions. Thank you!!! I am so confused as to what to do about BOG now tho- obviously don't want to go to CBR just to be able to activate my dining plan. any suggestions?

    I'm not sold on GF Cafe too- but didn't know what other one to do that day. Have tried The Wave (only so so on it) and have been to Kona (like it but we are doing ohana another day too). Any good suggestions to replace GF Cafe? I wanted to LTT that day but prefer the lunch menu at LTT.

    Ps. Are you the person that always brings figment to restaurants? If so I've read your reviews!!!
  4. purple figment

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    Aug 17, 2009
    CBR check in: If you're up early you could take a taxi over to CBR and check in any time after 6:00AM to get your KTTW cards. Or pay OOP for BOG and use the QS credit later at Yorkshire Fish & Chips. Sunshine Seasons in Epcot is another good QS place.

    Another option: Pay OOP for BOG and instead of Grand Floridian do QS that night either in the MK or at one of the monorail resorts. Then use the TS the next night in Epcot instead of Yorkshire Fish & Chips.

    I'm a fan of Figment, but not the one who posts the food pictures with him, but they are fun to read. :)

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