Feedback on We Go Shop experience


I'm a Redhead, too!
Apr 29, 2001
Here's my experience with WeGoShop this past weekend. Just remember, this was only my experience, others have had more positive results! -

I placed my order online about one month before our trip and received a confirmation from Becca who I think is the franchise owner in the Orlando area. I estimated my arrival time at the resort to be 4:00 p.m. and was told to call a toll free # when I arrived and to allow a 15 min. window for deliver. No problem.

Arrived at Saratoga at 4:30 p.m. courtesy of DME which took me 2 hours! Turned my cell phone on and I had a message from Shannon at WGS saying she had my order and to call her so she could deliver it. I called the number she left on her message and got a voicemessage in a man's voice, didn't state the number called was for WGS, so I'm thinking I called the wrong number. Called back and got the same message, so I left my message saying I hope I'm calling the correct number and for her to call us back. Checked in to our room and tried calling again. Double checked the incoming phone number and was indeed calling the correct number. Still no phone call back. Now we're stuck waiting around our room for our groceries and wondering what's going on. To add to the problem, the toll free number for WGS that was on the email confirmation wouldn't go through for me (turns out I wrote the number down wrong! Oops!)I probably would have gotten the owns, Becca, if I had the correct number here, but I was calling the number back that the shopper had left me to call!) Shannon finally calls us back at 5:30 p.m. apologizing because she left her cell phone at one of her delivery stops. We give her our room #, twice. About 15 mins. go by and she calls again to confirm the room #, she wrote it down wrong! She finally comes to our room, unpacks our groceries, shows me a receipt, I pay her cash and sign some voucher thing she needs to turn in. I did notice it said she shopped at Walmart, but several of our items were Publix brand items. I'm not fussy about brands and generic was OK on the pretzles and water, but why did her paperwork say she shopped at Walmart? Also, everything was hot - beer, water, wine coolers, champagne (for our anniversary celebration!), the fruit, English muffins, and worst of all - the coffee cream! I feel she definitely shopped in advance of our trip and had everything bought well before the day of our delivery.

I felt she was a little "out there" and not very professional. At the very least, she should change her outgoing voice message to indicate her name and WeGoShop so people know they're calling the right number. I've sent an email to WeGoShop to provide feedback on our experience. Not sure if they have more than one person doing the shopping and delivering. Don't know if I'll use their service again when I go back to SSR in August with my family. The only reason I tried them was because we were taking DME from MCO to SSR. Normally, I book with Tiffany's or another car company and make my own grocery stop. Just my experience. I've heard plenty of positive reviews on WGS, so don't base you decision to use them on my experience. Seems like I should have taken it as a sign when I didn't receive my DME luggage tags and tickets! It's just how my luck usually goes!


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