favorite dvc resort and why


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Aug 12, 2005
Hmmm - we only own at SSR but we’ve stayed at almost all the FL ones - only missing CCV and RIV. I agree this is subjective and depends on the purpose of your trip. We love split stays so we can experience multiple options in each trip.

1)BCV - location and pool speak for themselves; would own here in a heartbeat....

2) AKV Kidani/Jambo - these feel the most like a destination within itself and it doesn’t hurt that Publix and SuperTarget are sooo close.

3)VWL/BRV - I agree, the place to be in November/December and I love the outdoors feel

4)BLT - This recently moved up after a short stay in a Theme park view 1 bedroom - oh to have enough points for this every trip. Also great food allergy experiences at Contempo Cafe this trip!!

5)BWV - location props but lack of quick service that we’d like everyday a bummer...hands down our favorite community hall though

6)GFV - liked our stay here - points chart too high for us regularly; excited about walking path to MK coming though

7)POLY - I thought we’d like it more then we did..it was ok...only one laundry room in one building for all those studios dumb decision especially for long trippers like us...

8)SSR - THV help edge out OKW but I’ve not stayed here in years. Super excited that new one bedrooms will officially sleep 5 now and hope to try in year or two; no doubt it will move higher

9)OKW - if I gave it a try more recently (was 10+ years ago) I might change my mind...


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