favorite dvc resort and why


Apr 8, 2000
hi all,
i have been mia for a while.. divorce, etc.

current owner at saratoga, but was wondering what your favorite dvc resort is and why... please and thank you!!!!


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May 8, 2016
For me, what is important is theming/decor/atmosphere -- location -- transportation options -- room types.


VGF is my favorite of the monorail resorts and with the new walkway construction -- it will have walking access to MK sometime next year. Lots of different food options, solid pool/slide and a smaller resort that means it is easier to get around and you don't have to drag your luggage far distances. The biggest reasons I prefer VGF is the decor and atmosphere. I'm also a huge fan of the scent they use in the lobby. Oh -- and the piano player and jazz bands in the afternoons/evenings are also a personal favorite. So relaxing.

Poly has a better location since the TTC is right there -- giving you access to both epcot and MK very easily -- but there aren't any 1 or 2 BR options here (bungalows don't count since they're a million points), and I'm not a huge fan of having to walk outside without any optional covered walkway

BCV is also small which I like. 5 minute walk to international gateway makes this resort a perfect F&W resort. The sand bottom pool is awesome after you've been on your feet all day. Oh -- and the lobby has the same scent as VGF.


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Jun 7, 2011
Welp, been asked a bunch of times and always a different answer from me...lol.

Currently, at WDW, we prefer BWV, where we own the most points. We love to walk to/from Epcot and love all the festivals. Our kids are all 20-somethings so they enjoy as well and will love the new SWGE at HS which is also walkable. Number 2 resort is surprisingly SSR. As we now are enjoying popping into DS for food and drinks and shopping or a movie or whatnot. Not dealing with park crowds and lines and chaos. And the resort is very quiet.

But overall we prefer HHI as we don't have to buy AP/tickets which are now crazy expensive. Also a great resort with awesome CMs. We also own here (2nd most points). And we can drive to HHI in just 5 hours. We are going tomorrow (but not staying at DVC).

Runners up are:

1- AKV for every now and again trips just because the resort is so nice with the animals, theme and great dining venues. But dealing with busing there can be a pain so it will never be 1st for us.

2- If we like BWV, we like BCV too. Very quaint, nice pool and even closer to Epcot. But we don't own there and our points can go farther at BWV with the standard view category.

3- CCV, which we own a small contract at. It will be nice at Xmas time. Lovely resort. But we just used 3 years worth of points to book 2 nights at Xmas time at AKV instead (a 3BR grand villa though....would have booked one at CCV but they cost even more than savannah view AKV, go figure). Also enjoy BRV but we own CCV and it is in that main grand lobby. Maybe 2021 we will get there for Xmas.
  • kniquy

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    Dec 15, 2014
    I would say my top favorite is the Polynesian - it is one resort that makes you feel like you have been transported somewhere tropical. Added bonus that it is deep in the history of WDW as being one of the original resorts there when WDW opened. And you really can't beat being able to look out and see the castle.

    Our second favorite is AK -- again the theme here does go beyond most resorts.

    This is only based on the fact that we have only stayed at 4 of the 10 on property resorts (BW, PVB, SSR, AK) so there might be others which might top poly (but I don't think that is possible :D)


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    Jul 14, 2010
    hi all,
    i have been mia for a while.. divorce, etc.

    current owner at saratoga, but was wondering what your favorite dvc resort is and why... please and thank you!!!!
    Very sorry to hear of your divorce. Three years for me and it takes time but welcome back and welcome home. BCV for me. It is my home. It is where I picked for my family as my second home, and as painful as it was going back after the divorce, you do rebuild, and you do get strong, and family is family. Walt and that Mouse. Walt did not have an easy life and you make life the best you can. BCV is my second home. Welcome home Tonydana, home is where the heart is. :lovestruc P.S. Saratoga is my 2nd favorite


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    Mar 8, 2017
    BLT is a favorite for sentimental reasons and the walk to MK (our favorite park right now) can't beat. It is our first 2nd home and we have just added BWV as a home resort. We love the activity and the access to EPCOT and DHS with a walk. I also personally love the Ploynesian, but no 1 BRs is a breaker for our family. We'll stay there for adults only trips. We are still 'sleeping around' a bit and everywhere we stay I find things I love. But our homes at BLT and BWV our where our hearts are.


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    May 11, 2000
    the ones we own, in order of preference:
    1- BWV - the views, community hall, great pools, tons to do, great dining options, elegant without being pretentious
    2- SSR - great for stays involving Springs, relaxing & beautiful, lovely views
    3- BCV - walk to Epcot, but no views, very noisy & chaotic

    Of the ones we don't own:
    1- AKV (prefer Jambo) - stunning resort, love it for non-park stays (buses can be a challenge)
    2- BLT - love the walk despite not visiting MK often, TOTW, great views, good dining options

    The remaining WDW DVC resorts rated good in our opinions, but BWV, SSR, & AKV are our top picks.


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    Aug 12, 2006
    AKV. 🥰
    The theming overall is spectacular.
    The animals/Savanna’s are so enjoyable. The food option/s are wonderful.
    The peaceful setting.
    Less hectic overall.
    Awesome option/s at the resort ( night safari)
    Happy to see you returned OP. I hope
    you ll re build your future with an Open mind and Open Heart!
    Welcome Back Home!


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    Feb 23, 2008
    BLT is my favorite. You can walk to the MK. Easy access to TotWL, CG, and CM. We also really like the rooms. My second favorite is AKL. It just feels so exotic and Jiko and Sanna are great. I don't like the lack of QS at Kidani and it feels so far from the parks other than AK.

    My least favorite is SSR (so far). It was ok. We only stayed there for a few nights, but it just seemed so spread out and we had a bunch of issues. Coffee maker didn't work, the first room assigned to us wasn't cleaned, etc. etc. We have yet to stay at OKW, GF, CC or BR.


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    Jul 22, 2011
    AKV is the closest to be the favorite, but loved all the resorts I've tried and yet no one would be my only choice to stay at. Without the flexibility to vacation at all resorts I wouldn't buy DVC.


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    Nov 6, 2008
    OKW hands down spacious units.
    So far we have stayed at:
    Our least favorite BWV (where we have most of our points).
    BRV every time we stay there one of us gets sick.
    SSR Like the resort but the busing stinks.
    BLT the worlds smallest studio.
    AKL Jambo wouldnt hesitate to stay there again
    We won't stay at Poly. Scared by bad stay before it was DVC

    I'll be staying at BCV for 3 nights next week.


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