Family of 5 (with small children), 4 nights in Boulder Ridge v. Bay Lake studio stay... suggestions


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Jan 5, 2020
Magic Kingdom for the littles. Nap time. I'm leaning towards keeping BLT due to proximity and access to the monorail (which my boys lose their minds over). I also thought Boulder Ridge already had the refurb though! That's a big deal. To blow things up altogether though... If Poly opens up... that's our first choice. lol.
Poly all the way with 3 kids in a studio & wanting to hit up MK!! (Especially since they love the monorail.) Their pool is super fun & kids can play at the beach area too! I would pick BRV if we knew the refurb would be complete by then… but May is a little iffy to me… and BLT would be super cramped with a pack & play (as was mentioned). Poly is the clear winner of those 3 😁


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Jul 1, 2002
I will say that we had a studio at BLT when it was just me and my high school aged son. When he slept on the sofa bed, there was hardly room to get out of the bed. PnP might have to be set up in the kitchenette or by the door if it's a lock-off. When my kids were little, they loved VWL/BRV and they loved the boat ride to the MK. I think the lobby to WL is pretty amazing to kids and the pool areas are great too. Personally, I'd go with BRV for the reservation and Polynesian for the waitlist!


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Oct 18, 2015
never said it was, but the contemporary is, esp. when you are at BLT. I thought I was pretty clear, thank you for clearing that up.
Pool hopping is not allowed anywhere right now, so planning around it is not advised. No guarantee of return.


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Oct 18, 2015
we were just at BLT about 3 wks ago. used contemporary's pool once, it was fine. maybe because they are at same location?
That is not hopping, no. BLT has access to the CR pool as a colocated resort.

But someone from Poly cannot use either pool.


Apr 9, 2014
BLT all the way! I'm sitting in BRV now wondering why we decided to try BRV. My son asked me when are we moving to the contemporary.. he was disappointed no monorail.. I was disappointed by the need for refurbishment in BRV.. My husband was disappointed we left the boardwalk (split stay).


Jul 22, 2015
We recently stayed in BLT studio with a family of 4 (adults & kids ages 3 and infant).

- Proximity to MK and monorail
- Quiet resort
- The kitchenette feels like another room & is big
- Quick walk to your room
- Pool is intimate and relaxing

- Studio is small. We stayed at BWV and SSR before and prefer the size of those (which are comparable to BRV). We still love BLT, but 5 people might be snug.
- Splash pad (for littles) is terrible. It’s just water gurgling on painted cement. (However, the Contemporary has a nicer splash area)
- No dedicated dining or store, you need to schlep to Contemporary

I’ve stayed at the Wilderness Lodge before and my cons are mostly related to the transportation. It takes awhile to get to parks. We are booked at BRV in a studio for January! We have a car, so we don’t mind driving to the parks. I like the 5th sleeper option for the room.

I’m sure you will enjoy whatever you choose.
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Nov 19, 2010
BLT/ Stroller can go inside the galley kitchen. Pack & Play (with 1 year old) can too. Two kids on the sofa bed. Two adults on the queen.

It is doable. Stroller could also go on the balcony if you prefer, but if you don't plan to use it that much after you've retired for the evening, I think the galley kitchen will work out well.


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Mar 5, 2018
We’ve stayed at BRV with 5 and it was fine. Not as spacious as say Riviera, but the room was cute (yes it is a bit dated but the theme is awesome), and the resort is heavenly. Love the convenience of the boat to MK, love the gorgeous lobby, love eating a nice meal outdoors with a breeze off the lake at geyser point and no ADRs needed, LOVE the pools, love the waterfalls and little streams around the forested paths (saw a family of baby ducks even in one). You would never guess you are in central Florida. Wilderness lodge is such a treat.

BLT I just don’t get it. Sorry to the fans. Nothing about it says “disney” to me. The walk to the park is just more walking on tired feet and is not scenic like the GF trail. The pool is a major blah. The outside of the resort just looks like a basic run of the mill condo building. It’s just a place to sleep, not a full resort.


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Aug 8, 2005
BRV has the fold down kids bed. Also if you get a ground floor room, the enclosed lobby has some space for one parent to take the other children if you are trying to get the baby to nap.


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Oct 15, 2006
My little-big family has a 4 night stay at a studio coming up after an 8 night stay in a 2 bedroom with extended family. Right now we have already booked the 4 nights at BLT, but Boulder Ridge just came open. I would like to stay at BLT. My wife is more interested in Boulder Ridge. We have 3 littles (ages 5, 3, and 1 at the time of the trip). Which would ya'll suggest?
Didn’t read all responses but for me BRV is a No Brainer!!!
Happy planning