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    Jan 11, 2007
    I need some help with wording here. I am trying to keep my guest list to around 30 people. I am not worried about my guests as much as my df. He has asked his friends to come to the wedding, but they are not saying yes or no. Understandably people can't make that commitment right on the spot. I am wanting to send a wedding info letter and inside I want to give a RSVP date. I am thinking 4 months out from the wedding is good enough. It will give our guests 5-6 months to plan their trip. I want to say that if they haven't responded by said date they will be considered regretfully declining.

    1.) Is this proper etiquette to make this decision of attending for them?

    2.) Has anybody else had this situation? What did you do?

    3.) How can I word the RSVP so that it won't offend anybody?

    Thanks for the help
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    I did a similar thing as we are flying from the uk its quite expensive for us to holiday in florida so we were not expecting many people to say they wanted to come when we annouced our wedding but this was not the case. We were thinking of an intimate wedding so only 18 guests could be invited but more said they wanted to come.

    I planned a newsletter that noted everything we were thinking of doing and also the holiday prices for this year at the resorts that we will be picking (we want a 2008 wedding so told the guest the prices are estimated) I sent them out at the end of nov last year and gave them till the end of feb to respond as we can then plan an intimate wedding through a travel agent here if the numbers are low or start to look into a custom wedding.

    It is hard as you want everyone to enjoy your day but with travelling not many people want to confirm incase their circumstances change

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