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Oct 29, 2018
We had a 2 day reservation and had to have guest relations do some magic to change it to three days (adding a day on the front end, errored out online when we tried).

Now that we have that straight we are unable to add Magical Express. The cast member we spoke to at reservations was getting an error and I get an error when trying to do it online.

Is there a way I can book the ME directly with ME? I know I see references to webpages and phone numbers, but wasn't sure if that was still a valid way to do it. Just don't want to get in at midnight without a ride.

The trip is MLK weekend in January.


Edit: This is the error I receive:
"Your request to add Disney's Magical Express service can't be processed online at this time. We've removed it so you can complete your reservation update(s). When you receive your confirmation, please add the service by calling the number in the Contact Us section."

Edit 2: Disregard, I found my answer a couple of threads down --
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Aug 25, 2001
Glad you were able to make the reservation but, for those eavesdropping, they should make every effort. But I dare say that one would not be denied a Magical Express ride if he was able to obtain and bring nothing in writing but a print screen of the aforementioned error message and the envelope on the back of which he wrote down the name and city of the aforementioned phone reservationist CM.

For those eavesdropping, the Magical Express hot line number: toll free 866-599-0951


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