"Enjoy these moments; they are precious"-Lesley's EPIC May TR!-COMPLETED-10/2-Last stops at Flower & Garden and Wrap Up


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Jul 18, 2010
I'm here and can't wait to see all that I know I missed as my time with you was way too limited!
  • Pluto0809

    DIS Veteran
    Jan 25, 2012
    Joining in! I'm so going to try to keep up on this one! :rotfl:I still have many, many pages to get to on your Paris one.

    I haven't started my Epic TR but hope to in the next few days. I'll let you know once I do.
  • KPeterso

    DIS Veteran
    Jul 26, 2004
    Following along. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    And can't wait for the Galaxy's Edge review from 5/31. Our reservations are 6/7!
  • Jenny Sanders

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    Jun 8, 2007
    Designing a pink, sparkly Test Track car with Jenny (@Jenny Sanders ) and her DH, Joe.
    Maybe we didn't win, but our car sure was pretty. LOL!

    Everyone else's Trip Reports!

    Su-Lynn: We. Are. CHUNKY! Disboards Epic Girls Trip May 2019

    Caroline (She added it onto the end of a previous TR): Beware of Poachers and Look at the Little Gorillas - Epic added on

    Ariane (another tacked onto the end): Pixie Dust or Pixie Mountain

    Melinda (a Dining Tr): How about a couple of EPIC quickies? Drs, that is!

    Jenny: Sister Wives, First Times, and lots of Wine/An Epic Girls Trip

    Liesa: The ABCs of an EPIC Girls' Trip! May, 2019

    Did I forget anyone who has already started one?
    AWESOME idea!

    Grumpy's Wife

    Dollar Tree gal here
    Jan 28, 2005
    I think it's wonderful that so many friendships were made on the DIS. I look forward to reading your report and seeing all the fun you had with these lovely ladies (and some men).


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