Eastern Long report day 2 (Sunday) 1-22-06

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    Eastern Day 2 Jan. 22, 2006

    I got up at 6:30 a.m. I love to be alone early in the morning on the ship. It’s peaceful, and I pretty much have the whole ship to myself. I went up to deck 9 filled my water bottle, then headed down to deck 4. (Now remember we set the clocks forward, so it’s really 5:30 am!). I am not real athletic, but I love walking/running on deck 4 early in the morning. I did the requist mile, then walked around one more time for the heck of it. Went upstairs to see that Goofy’s Galley was open, it opens generally ½ hour before Topsiders. What an improvement! Before there were only pastries available early before Topsiders open, but Goofy’s Galley had fresh fruit plus pastries, so I got some pineapple and coffee from the beverage area. (The soda stations were wonderful. I had read the cups weren’t big, but they were really a perfect size and I ended up not using the larger cups I had carried along.)

    I read a little bit and scanned the Navigator making sure I wasn’t missing any activity that my heart desired to try. When Topsiders opened at 7:30, I went in to breakfast. I didn’t eat much since I was having a spinning class at 8:30. The boat was rocking a little. Unfortunately, it continued and got worse with 15-20 foot swells on Monday! Glad I packed bonine. None of my family got seasick, thank goodness.

    At 8:25 I met my friend at the Vista Spa and we went for our spinning class—pure hell. Spinning is not my thing, but I certainly deserved that dessert that night at dinner!

    Went and found my family, and we all went to breakfast at topsiders. Then the kids were off to play basketball or whatever they were doing. Last time all the younger DS did was swim, this trip they both played basketball from the time they woke up till it was bedtime!

    The younger DS did want to play Bingo and DH was really into Bingo since he won the jackpot last time, so we went to play bingo at 10:30. We didn’t win, so we went to lunch, and then everyone scattered. DH and DS11 went to watch Valiant in the Buena Vista Theatre, and I went to Disney’s Art of Entertaining: Fruit carving and cocktail making. My friend went to the shopping show and bought the shopping book. She did a lot of shopping in St. Maarten and St. Thomas, so the book was worth her money. I did very little shopping, so I wasn’t interested.

    I had not done any of the Art of Entertaining last trip. I enjoyed the cocktail demonstration so much I signed up for the Martini Tasting. What I love about Disney, is that if you go by yourself, you don’t really stand out. The crew always treat you like family. I did several of the Art of Entertaining, many by myself, and enjoyed them very much. Anyways, it was 3:00, the Martini tasting was at 4:00, so I went to guest services, signed up, ($15), and since it was formal night and we wanted to be ready for pictures about 5:00, I went and showered and got ready, except for my dress. At 3:50 I headed for Sessions and my first encounter with Martini’s. Jake from South Africa did the tasting and he was very entertaining. We had a regular martini, a cosmopolitan, a rastini, appletini, and a chocolotini (please excuse the spelling). The only one I really enjoyed was, of course, the chocolate one! Then I rushed off to change and headed for pictures.
    I had asked one of the photographers that were setting up for pictures, what time they would be ready, and they told me 5:00. At 5:00 we presented ourselves, were the first in line, got several pictures and different settings, then went back to the stateroom where the boys were watching the playoffs. Last time we had waited till closer to dinner, then went up. It took us about 5 minutes to get all the pictures taken we wanted. At 5:45 we went up to dinner, where we snagged a few of the free cocktails floating around. A mai tai, cosmopolitan, or Shirley temple was offered as part of the Captain’s Welcome Reception on formal night. It was nice to be at Lumiere’s on formal night.

    At dinner, the kids wanted another Shirley temple, so DH went out to the lobby, and while out there snagged a couple more drinks. All in all, I think we ended up with 6 mai tai’s and 2 cosmopolitans. I have never been a real drinker, but after the martini tasting, I had decided to try everything that was “free.” It was quiet an experience! Several of us ordered the escargot….it was actually very good! I also had the fried Camembert which was tasty. For dessert I had the white chocolate dome, which isn’t a hollow dome, but solid, with a meringue like density, but still good. DH had the Grand Mariner Soufflé that he really liked. Our server brought us a crème Brule, DH liked that the best, too much like pudding to me. My friend got the apple tart (looked like apple pie) she said it was good.

    Afterwards, we ran down and changed, then met with our friends. The men, and boys, went to see the playoffs that were playing on the big screen over the pool. The girls went to see the Golden Mickey’s. Although I had seen the show before, it still was very good! Disney always does things right! I had a new digital camera, so I entertained myself with taking pictures, without the flash, to add to my scrapbook!

    After the show, we hunted down the men. The seas were so rough, and that the satellite kept getting interrupted, so they had all gone to the staterooms to watch on the stateroom TV. The other places where the game was being show, Diversions and such, all turn to adult bars only at 9:00.

    After the game, my DH, and both DSs went to see Glory Road in the theatre at 11:00, I went to bed!
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    Hi Tammy,

    I've been enjoying your trip reports. We are going on the 4/29 Eastern and I was curious about the Spinning classes you took. I teach Spinning, and although I never exercise while on vacation (because it's too much like work - because it is my work!) I was considering doing some classes on the sea days to burn off alllllll those calories I'll be consuming. How were the bike seats - should I take a gel seat or are they pretty soft? I have to use a gel seat at the club I teach, but I've tried some spinning bikes (Schwinn, I think) that the seats were soft enough that I didn't need one. Did you have to sign up ahead of time for the class? Was it really, really tough or just tough? Did you use bike shoes or were just sneakers enough? Thanks - I'm glad you had a great cruise!


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