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    Apr 13, 2004
    I am looking into purchase of DVC. I do not understand exactly why the points prices differ for each home resort if they can be used at any of them. Also, does the month that you start your ownership really matter other than when you plan your usage?What are the fees involved and how many points are generally considered to be a good starting place. I realize much is based on personal preference and financial concerns, but I am looking for input from people who are involved already and what they have learned. Is it better to go for a resale or not? Thanks!
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    You get a 4 month booking advantage at your Home resort. Some room types can be difficult to book if you do not have your Home at that resort. For example:

    Grand Villas at Old Key West
    Standard View rooms at Boardwalk Villas

    Unless you have your Home at one of these resorts, your odds of getting a room at the 7-month window is slim.

    Right now the biggest disparity in price is between the points DVC is selling for Saratoga Springs and all of the other properties which are technically "sold out." The easiest way to explain this difference is that the SSR contracts expire in 2054, while all of the other resorts only run through 2042. So, if you buy SSR direct from DVC you are getting an extra 12 years.

    Regarding the sold out resorts, resale prices will vary depending upon prices like the number of points available and popularity of the resort.

    The month you purchase really doesn't matter, but your Use Year can have an impact. It largely determines the deadlines for banking unused points into the next year. If you travel at approximately the same time each year, your best bet is to have a Use Year that immediately PRECEEDS your travel dates. Try searching the boards for more info on the Use Year if you are confused.

    The only fees are your initial purchase and annual dues. Dues vary by resort and are based upon the number of points you own.

    The number of points is completely your decision. 150 is the minimum. Look at your current vacation pattern and plug those dates into the DVC point charts to see what you need. If you have children, don't forget to account for the possibility of a larger room size as they age, or a need to switch from off-season to peak season touring when they reach school age. The cost of points will only go up, so buy what you can afford now.

    IMO, the main factors are:

    1. Where do you want to stay? The resort you want to stay at the most should be your Home.
    2. Are the extra 12 years at SSR of value to you? If you are in your late-20s, early 30s, those extra years of vacation enjoyment may be a factor in your decision.
    3. Can you independently finance the purchase? It's fairly easy to get financed by DVC with as little as 10% down. If you buy a resale, you need to come up with all of the funds on your own.
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    May 26, 2003
    This link will send you to a site that does a good job summarizing all of the ins-n-outs of the DVC program:


    You can also learn a great deal by reading the "DVC FAQs" at the top of these pages.

    Once you familiarize yourself with the basics, these boards are a great place to seek clarification on any remaining questions you may have.
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    Feb 6, 2000
    The points per resort..I'll assume you mean why do point usage charts vary resort to resort...these are drafted prior to the resorts going to sales. What Disney actually bases these points on takes many things into consideration...mainly HOW Disney expects owners to use the resort, and what size accomodations will be in demand, as well as when, and what the build cost of the units will be. I'm sure many other things also factor in.

    But, once these points are set, the OVERALL points for a particular resort can not change, but adjustments can be made within the chart...if one season or room type increases, another must go down.

    Resale vs buying direct. For me, the number one consideration would be to ourchase at the resort you believe you'll be staying at the most, as there is a booking window advantage (currently 4 months), this could drop in the future to a one month advantage, but most believe that to be unlikely.

    Fees: Dues are averaging $4 per point annually. But expect increases depending on actual costs, including labor, taxes, etc. This is true of any timeshare. Additional fees at Purchase: None if you buy direct from Disney (except pro-rated dues), resales will have some closing costs...generally about $500 or so, depending on the size of your contract. Also be aware that Disney has many "just in case" rights built into contracts and offering statements. Many of which folks doubt they'll ever exercise, but could if they see a great need. This includes limiting reservations to your home resort ONLY, but again, this is pretty standard throughout the timeshare industry.

    A good "starting place" for number of points really does depend on your personal financial situation, how many people are in your family, how often you will vacation, what type of accomodations you'll need/want and how many days each vacation will last.
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    Home resort matters because it is hard to get certain accommodations at certain resorts unless you have the 11-month window for booking. Although this is not the rule (you can often switch at the 7 month window) it is the main reason people say "Buy where you want to stay most" (In theory, DVC reserves the right to limit your usage to the resort at which you purchase, although few believe this is a realistic possibility)

    Your use year month IMHO is not a very big deal. It can alter the way and timing you will be planning your vacation and you need to know it for banking of points purposes, but it is not often a make it or break it issue.

    Annual fees currently range from approximately $3.60 to 4.60 per point per year depending upon your resort.

    Number of points needed varies GREATLY based upon: (i) type of accommodations you will need/want; (ii) time of year you will be traveling; and (iii) amount you can realistically afford (DVC is a luxury not a financial investment and your money should be allocated accordingly). You can easily create magical vacations with 100 or 150 points using studio accommodations. If you are looking for 1 and 2BR you may want to consider 200+.

    Good luck in your search...you've come to the right place for lots of good input! :)
  7. cjzak

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    Apr 13, 2004
    Thanks to all who passed on info. Very much appreciated the help and it will be a good reference to making our decision whether to purchase DVC. Everyone is very helpful and terrific here and I'm glad to have found this site!!!
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    Apr 17, 2003
    cjzak : The folks on this board have forgotten more about DVC then you and I will ever know.

    We bought in to DVC last year. I had worked at WDW as a contractor 8 years ago and was ready to sign up, it took 7 years to convince my wife!

    A financial windfall finally allowed us to make the plunge. 2 minutes after my wife and kids walked in to our first room (at OKW), they where thanking me profusely for my sound logic on insisting we buy in.

    We are now contemplating buying more add-ons. If you love WDW and believe in the magic it is the only way to go!

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