DVC vs. Marriott Vacation Club

Tinker Bell

BWV 2001
Feb 24, 2001
My parents are looking at a Marriott property in Williamsburg, VA.

Can anyone offer a quick primer on how the Marriott system compares to DVC's?

I am concerned that they are going to fall for a hard sale without knowing what they are getting in to. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Are there Marriott VacationClub specific resources on the Web? I know that TUG is good general Timeshare resource.


It just so happens that we own at both OKW and at Marriott Manor Club in Williamsburg, VA. I love owning both. If they want to own at Williamsburg, then the Marriott Manor Club is the one to own, in my opinion. The accommodations are exquisite and there is a golf course on site. Six rounds of golf are included in a one week stay for owners. With a Marriott ownership there is the flexibility to turn the week back in to Marriott for Marriott Reward Points that are good for vacations around the world that includes airfare and Hotel accommodations whereever there is a Marrott. I would recommend owning here for anyone who want to own a place outside Disney.

I would like to know if the Marriott Vacation Club sells points like DVC or is it like the typical timeshare?

Marriott is more like the typical timeshare. The points I refer to are Marriott Reward Points that you get for staying at a Marriott owned hotel or resort, using their credit card, or turning in your timeshare week. They are like frequent flyer points. They add up and you trade them in for vacation packages, airline tickets, hotel stays, etc.

For turning in a timeshare week, they may give you 110,000 points. It takes somewhere around 200,000 points for airline tickets and a Marriott Hotel Stay anywhere in the world for 7 days. (this is just an example).

Otherwise, it is a typical timeshare. But, a very nice one. You will also get priority trades to other Marriott resorts before the general public will.

If you look on TUG you will see that the Marriott Manor Club is in the top ten listed timeshares, as is OKW and BWV.


Timeshare users group . I think this gives a pretty good picture of the Marriott system along with the other thread on DIS.

Manor Club is a great property but it is a ways out of Williamsburg and nothing directly around except for Golf. Of course there are plenty to do within easy driving distance. It is about $18K for Platinum for a 2 BR lockout new, but you get a bonus trip for 2. I would suspect you could get resale for around $12-13K but no world trip and no points options. For Williamsburg, it only makes sense to buy Platinum time, it's an easy trade any other time with any Marriott. They may want to consider HH or NJ also, HH would be the cheapest and offer the most options.


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